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Government in America: People, Politics, and Policy, 13th Edition

By George C. Edwards, Martin P. Wattenberg, Robert L. Lineberry

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 26, 2007


Framing its content within a resonant “politics matters” theme and emphasizing public policy throughout, Government in America illustrates the impact that government has on the daily lives of each and every American, motivating students to become active participants in all aspects of our political system, and helping overcome the #1 challenge instructors face in this course -- student apathy toward American Government.

Table of Contents

  1. Introducing Government in America.
Part 1:  Constitutional Foundations

  2. The Constitution.
  3. Federalism.
  4. Civil Liberties and Public Policy.

  5. Civil Rights and Public Policy.
Part 2:  People and Politics

  6. Public Opinion and Political Action.
  7. The Mass Media and the Political Agenda.
  8. Political Parties.
  9. Nominations and Campaigns.

10. Elections and Voting Behavior.
11. Interest Groups.
Part 3:  The Policymakers

12. Congress.
13. The Presidency.

14. The Congress, the President, and the Budget: Politics of Taxing and Spending.

15. The Federal Bureaucracy.
16. The Federal Courts.

Part 4:  Policies

17. Economic Policy Making.

18. Social Welfare Policymaking.
19. Policymaking for Healthcare and the Environment.

20. National Security Policy Making.

Part 5:  State and Local Government

21. The New Face of State and Local Government.

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