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Groups: A Counseling Specialty, CourseSmart eTextbook, 6th Edition

By Samuel T. Gladding

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 18, 2011

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For students taking courses in group counseling.


An engaging and current look at all aspects of group work filled with illustrations, research, and practical skills.


This user-friendly text provides readers with a complete and compelling view of group work, including types of groups, development of groups, dynamics within groups, diversity and multicultural issues in groups, specialty groups, ethical and legal issues in groups, groups across the lifespan, theories of groups, and the history of group work. Well-written and filled with helpful and enjoyable illustrations, this sixth edition textbook helps students to fully understand the four basic types of groups — therapy, counseling, guidance, and work/task — through case histories, examples, and clear language. At the same time, Groups: A Counseling Specialty challenges readers to think through how they would handle various group situations and to reflect and learn from their own experiences in groups.

Table of Contents

Brief Contents


Chapter 1 Types of Group Work

Chapter 2 Group Dynamics

Chapter 3 Effective Group Leadership

Chapter 4 Beginning a Group

Chapter 5 The Transition Period in a Group: Norming and Storming

Chapter 6 The Working Stage in a Group: Performing

Chapter 7 Closing a Group



Chapter 8 Group Work with Culturally Diverse Populations 

Chapter 9  Specialty Groups and Creativity in Groups

Chapter 10 Ethical and Legal Aspects of Group Work


Part THREE:  Groups Throughout the Life Span

Chapter 11 Groups for Children

Chapter 12 Groups for Adolescents 

Chapter 13 Groups for Adults

Chapter 14 Groups for Older Adults


Part Four: Theory, History, and Trends of Groups

Chapter 15 Transactional Analysis, Reality Therapy, Adlerian, and Person-Centered Groups

Chapter 16 Existential, Gestalt, REBT, Psychodrama Groups

Chapter 17 History, Present Reality, and Trends of Group Work





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