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Groups in Schools: Preparing, Leading, and Responding, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Anne Geroski, Kurt L. Kraus

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 31, 2009

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Finally, a textbook that actually teaches students how to effectively lead counseling and classroom groups in schools!


This practical, user-friendly book contains the most relevant information critical to working with students in both classroom psychoeducational and counseling group work in schools. Building upon students’ and practitioners’ generalist preparation to lead groups, Group Work in Schools: Preparing, Leading, Responding offers readers numerous windows through which they can view the wide range of applicable rationales for group work, the preparation and skill sets required for confidence and success in conducting groups in schools, and the ‘nuts and bolts’ of group structure and form–enough to build their own groups.

Table of Contents



Group Planning and Organization


“Lesson Plans”

Physical Space

Group Activities

     Activity Selection

     Timing of Activities

     Processing Questions

Planning for Evaluation


     Outcome Study Design and Data Sources

     Conclusions and Changes


Managing the Group: Establishing a Productive Learning Environment

     Leader Positioning

Group Climate


             Interpersonal Learning


          Safety, Challenge, Risk and Anxiety

            Leader Executive Function

     Preparing Students for Learning

     Rule and Norm-setting


              Minimize Distractions

     Clear Instructions


Learning Map


          Spiral Learning

          Mental Models

          Personal Life Context

            Managing Content and Process Focus


                  Using and Processing Activities




          Assessing Learning Objectives


Responding to Problems in the Group

          General Guidelines


            Cueing, re-focusing, and Proximity Control

            Dealing with Objects and Other Distractions


            Hurdle Help

            Feedback Exchange and Group Problem Solving

            Restating the Rule

              Working with Choices

Using Consequences

     Natural Consequences

     Logical Consequences

Reasonable Consequences

General Guidelines for Working with Consequences


          Drafting the Contract

          Working with the Contract in the Group

     Unhooking from Power Struggles

     Using Time-Out


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