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Guide to College Reading, 9th Edition

By Kathleen T. McWhorter

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Dec 31, 2010


Guide to College Reading equips students with the skills they need to handle the diverse reading demands of college courses by helping them become active learners and critical thinkers.

Table of Contents

Part One: Success in College Reading 

  • Chapter 1: Successful Attitudes for College Learning 
  • Chapter 2: The Basics of College Textbook Reading 

Part Two: Vocabulary: The Key to Meaning 

  • Chapter 3: Using Context Clues 
  • Chapter 4: Using Word Parts and Learning new Vocabulary 

Part Three: Comprehension Skills and Learning Skills

  • Chapter 5: Reading as Thinking 
  • Chapter 6: Understanding Paragraphs: Topics, Stated Main Ideas, and Implied Main Ideas 
  • Chapter 7: Understanding Paragraphs: Supporting Details and Transitions 
  • Chapter 8: Following the Author’s Thought Patterns 
  • Troubleshooting Guide: Solutions to the Top 10 Reading and Study Problems

Part Four: Textbook Reading Skills 

  • Chapter 9: Reading Graphic and Visuals
  • Chapter 10: Textbook Reading: Organizing and Remembering Information 

Part Five: Critical Reading Skills

  • Chapter 11: Interpreting the Writer’s Message and Purpose 
  • Chapter 12: Evaluating: Asking Critical Questions 

Part Six: A Fiction Mini Reader 


Part Seven: A Contemporary Issues Mini Reader   


Guide to College Reading, 9th Edition

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