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Guide to Managerial Communication, CourseSmart eTextbook, 9th Edition

By Mary M. Munter

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Jan 3, 2011

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For undergraduate and MBA courses in Management Communication, Writing, and Oral Presentations. Also a useful reference for Executive Seminars/Workshops.

A brief, professional, reader-friendly guide to improving managerial communication.

Guide to Managerial Communication is a clear, concise, practical text for cultivating effective written and oral communication in a managerial, business, government, or professional context.

The ninth edition has been updated based on user feedback while still maintaining the brevity, easy-to-follow organization, and professional orientation of previous editions.

Table of Contents

I. Communication Strategy    
Communicator Strategy  
Audience Strategy  
Message Strategy  
Channel Choice Strategy  
Culture Strategy  
Strategy Checklist  
Guide to the Guide  
II. Writing: Composing Efficiently    

General Composing Techniques  
Special Composing Techniques  
III. Writing: Macro Issues    
Document Design for “High Skim Value”  
Signposts to Show Connection  
Effective Paragraphs or Sections  
IV. Writing: Micro Issues    
Editing for Brevity  
Choosing a Style  
Writing Checklists  
V. Speaking: Verbal Structure    
Tell/Sell Presentations  
Questions and Answers  
Consult/Join Meetings  
Other Speaking Situations  
VI. Speaking: Visual Aids    
Designing the Presentation as a Whole  
Designing your Slide Master   
Designing Each Individual Slide  
Practicing with Visual Aids  
VII. Speaking: Nonverbal Skills    

Nonverbal Delivery Skills  
Nonverbal Listening Skills  
Speaking Checklists  

Appendix A: Inclusive Language    
Appendix B: Grammar and Usage    
Appendix C: Punctuation    

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