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Guide to the National Electrical Code, 2005 Edition, 10th Edition

By Thomas L. Harman

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: May 17, 2005


All You Need to Succeed with the 2005 NEC: Practical, Illustrated, and Hands-On

This book gives working and student electricians practical guidance for using the new 2005 National Electrical Code effectively--plus all the resources they need to prepare for their Masters or Journeyman's licensing exams. Leading NEC expert and instructor Thomas Harman systematically covers electrical systems design, construction, and installation for virtually any residential, commercial, or industrial environment. Then, simply and concisely, he reviews the basic electrical theory and practice that every Master Electrician must know.

Designed for rapid learning, this book contains extensive problem-solving exercises, examples, illustrations, and tables--all fully updated for the 2005 code. Whenever an NEC rule affects a calculation, the author identifies that rule for easy reference. For the first time, this edition contains four full sample exams designed to closely resemble current Master Electrician's exams. All answers are provided and carefully explained.

This edition discusses

  • Wiring design calculations: general calculations, services, feeders, branch circuits, and more
  • Calculating wiring designs for residential, commercial, and industrial occupancies
  • Rules for installing branch circuits, feeders, services, high-voltage systems, general circuits/equipment, distribution equipment, and utilization equipment
  • Special equipment installations, including electric signs, data processing systems, and swimming pools
  • Special occupancies: hazardous locations, commercial garages, and gasoline dispensing or service stations
  • Emergency, standby, and communications systems
  • General electric theory: DC, AC, equipment, loads, conductors, transformers, and motors

Table of Contents


1. Introduction.

    The Master Electrician and the Master Electrician's Examination

    How to Use This Guide

    The National Electrical Code

    State and Local Codes and Ordinances


2. Services, Feeders, and Branch Circuits.

    The Electrical System



    Branch Circuits

    Other Design Considerations--Temperature Ratings

3. General Design Calculations.

    Branch-Circuit Load Calculations

    Feeder or Service Calculations

4. Calculations for Dwelling Type Occupancies.

    One-Family Dwellings and Individual Dwelling Units

    Multifamily Dwelling Calculations

    Special Multifamily Dwelling Problems

5. Electrical Circuit Design for Commercial and Industrial Occupancies.

    Typical Commercial Occupancy Calculations

    Feeder and Service Design for Other Commercial Occupancies

    Special Occupancies and Equipment


6. Installation Rules for Specific Circuits or Systems.

    Installation of Branch Circuits

    Installation Rules for Feeders

    Installation Rules for Services

    Systems Operating at Over 600 Volts

    Miscellaneous Circuits and Systems

7. Installation of General Circuits and Equipment.

    Use of Conductors in Circuits

    Installation and Protection of Conductors

    Wiring Methods and Techniques

    Equipment Grounding and Bonding

    Equipment and Devices

8. Installation Rules for Distribution Equipment.

    Working Clearances

    Switchboards and Panelboards


    Installation Rules for Capacitors and Other Distribution Equipment

9. Installation of Utilization Equipment.


    Fixed Electric Space-Heating Equipment


    Miscellaneous Utilization Equipment

10. Special Equipment.

    Electric Signs

    Information Technology Equipment (Data-Processing Systems)

    Swimming Pools

    Miscellaneous Special Equipment

11. Special Occupancies.

    Hazardous (Classified) Locations

    Specific Class I Locations

    Other Special Occupancies

12. Special Conditions and Communications Circuits.

    Emergency and Standby Systems

    Remote-Control, Signaling, and Power-Limited Circuits

    Other Special Conditions

    Communications Systems

    Circuits and Equipment Operating at Over 600 Volts

III. General Electrical Theory.

13. Review of Electrical Theory.

    Direct-Current Theory


    Alternating-Current Theory

    Equipment in AC Circuits

IV. Final Examinations.

Final Examination No. 1

Final Examination No. 2

Final Examination No. 3

Final Examination No. 4


A. Important Formulas.

B. Answers.