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Guiding Children's Social and Emotional Development: A Reflective Approach, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Janice E. Katz

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 3, 2013

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Written for Social-Emotional Development and Guidance courses in Early Childhood Education.


The accessible language and focus of this engaging new brief book includes research, scenarios/examples, and pedagogy that support an intentional, reflective approach to guiding children’s social and emotional development.


The author writes from her unique perspective as a practicing clinical child psychologist and daily provider at a high-quality early care and education center to synthesize and offer the best ideas from recent child development research, practice recommendations from the mental health field, and model early childhood programs. Self-reflection as a process for the reader is emphasized throughout, showing readers, as they build confidence, how to use the concepts and strategies in their own professional practice when working with young children. Every chapter introduces information that helps readers to better understandchildren’s developing emotions and behavior and works to challenge readers to tap into personal feelings, thoughts, and experiences. The text provides so much for the pre-practicing professional, including: complete and practical overviews of the key theories and research on social and emotionaldevelopment; clear examples illustrating children and teachers in early childhood settingsusing effective and not-so-effective guidance strategies; and the tools necessary for understanding andresponding effectively to what has become known as “challenging behavior.”


As James Elicker, PhD of Purdue University so eloquently stated in the Foreword of this text, “…Katz helps us in insightful and practical ways to sharpen our capacity to empathetically understand each child as a unique individual who is striving to have a sense of power in her own life and to be connected in loving and meaningful ways with others. Is there a more important goal in early care and education than helping young children find this balance of competence and connectedness?”  

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Social-Emotional Development and the Reflective Process

Chapter 2: Teacher Self-Reflection

Chapter 3: Relationship-Based Guidance

Chapter 4: Individualized and Developmentally Appropriate Guidance

Chapter 5: Contextually Informed and Culturally Appropriate Guidance

Chapter 6: Supporting Self-Regulation Skills

Chapter 7: Fostering Autonomy: Wonder, Confidence, and Motivation

Chapter 8: Promoting Empathy and a Sense of Community

Chapter 9: Synchronizing Communication: What Links People to People

Chapter 10: Bringing Reflective Guidance to Your Classroom

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Guiding Children's Social and Emotional Development: A Reflective Approach, CourseSmart eTextbook
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