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Guiding Young Children, CourseSmart eTextbook, 9th Edition

By Patricia F. Hearron, Verna P. Hildebrand

Published by Pearson

Published Date: May 24, 2012

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For courses on the Guidance/Management of Young Children.


Using a holistic, ecological approach, this textbook provides clearly-written explanations on how guidance must be understood within the context of what we know about children, as well as what we expect them to learn.  


Guiding Young Children provides practical, down-to-earth information about child guidance, grounded in the latest theory and research.  The emphasis of the book is on developing human potential–helping children to become everything they can be.  There is a strong focus on considering a child’s developmental level as well as family and cultural context when planning environments and activities for young children. Simple, straightforward explanations and a clear organization make this text accessible and appealing.  Far from a dull, theoretical approach, this edition shows both students and practitioners how to do effective child guidance in the world the way it really is.

Table of Contents

Part I  Principles of Guidance 


Chapter 1: Guiding Young Children—a Preview

Chapter 2: Values as a Basis for Guidance 

Chapter 3: Foundations of Guidance: Understanding Development and Observing Children

Chapter 4: Collaborating with Families of Young Children 

Chapter 5: Positive Guidance: Building Human Resources

Part II  Strategies for Guidance


Chapter 6: Indirect Guidance: The Role of the Environment in Facilitating Self-Direction 

Chapter 7: Direct Guidance: Interacting with Children to Foster Self-Direction

Part III Applications


Chapter 8: Guiding Young Children in Personal Caregiving Routines

Chapter 9: Guidance and Curriculum: Interdependent Elements of Appropriate Practice

Chapter 10: Guiding Young Children’s Outdoor Play and Learning

Chapter 11: Understanding and Addressing Challenging Behavior


Name Index

Subject Index


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