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HCS12 Microcontrollers and Embedded Systems, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Muhammad Ali Mazidi, Danny Causey, Janice G. Mazidi

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Oct 20, 2008

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For undergraduate-level courses in microcontrollers and embedded systems.


HCS12 Microcontroller and Embedded Systems: Using Assembly and C with CodeWarrior, 1e features a systematic, step-by-step approach to covering various aspects of HCS12 C and Assembly language programming and interfacing. The text features several examples and sample programs that provide students with opportunities to learn by doing. Review questions are provided at the end of each section to reinforce the main points of the section. Students not only develop a strong foundation of Assembly language programming, they develop a comprehensive understanding of HCS12 interfacing. In doing so, they develop the knowledge background they need to understand the design and interfacing of microcontroller-based embedded systems. This book can also be used by practicing technicians, hardware engineers, computer scientists, and hobbyists. It is an ideal source for those wanting to move away from 68HC11 to a more powerful chip.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Computing

Chapter 1: The HCS12 / 9S12 Microcontroller: History and Features

Chapter 2: HCS12 Architecture AND Assembly Language Programming

Chapter 3: Branch, Call, and Time Delay Loop

Chapter 4: HCS12 / 9S12 I/O Port Programming

Chapter 5: Arithmetic, Logic Instructions, and Programs

Chapter 6: Advanced Addressing Modes, Look-Up Table, Macros, and Modules

Chapter 7: HCS12 Programming in C

Chapter 8: HCS12 Hardware Connection, BDM, and S19 Hex File

Chapter 9: HCS12 Timer Programming in Assembly and C

Chapter 10: HCS12 Serial Port Programming in Assembly and C

Chapter 11: Interrupt Programming in Assembly and C

Chapter 12: LCD and Keyboard Interfacing

Chapter 13: ADC, DAC, and Sensor Interfacing

Chapter 14: Accessing Flash and EEPROM, and Page Switching

Chapter 15: Relay, Optoisolator, and Stepper Motor

Chapter 16: SPI Protocol and RTC Interfacing With HCS12

Chapter 17: PWM and DC Motor Control

Appendix A: HCS12 Instructions Explained

Appendix B: AsmIDE, ImageCraft C COMPILER, and D-BUG12

Appendix C: IC Interfacing, System Design Issues, and Wire Wrapping

Appendix D: Flowcharts and Pseudocode

Appendix E: HCS12 Primer for x86 Programmers

Appendix F: ASCII Codes

Appendix G: Assemblers, Development Resources, and Suppliers 672

Appendix H: Data Sheets

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