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Health Psychology, 2nd Edition: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Health, 2nd Edition

By Deborah Fish Ragin

Published by Routledge

Published Date: Dec 27, 2013


A truly interdisciplinary approach to the study of health, Health Psychology: An Interdisciplinary Approach uses the social ecological perspective to explore the impact of five systems on individual health outcomes: individual, culture/family, social/physical environment, health systems and health policy. In order to provide readers with an understanding of how health affects the individual on a mental and emotional level, the author has taken an interdisciplinary approach, considering the roles of anthropology, biology, economics, environmental studies, medicine, public health, and sociology.

Table of Contents

1. An Interdisciplinary View of Health  2. Research Methods  3. Global Communicable and Chronic Disease  4. Theories and Models of Health Behavior Change  5. Risky Health Behaviors  6. Emotional Health and Well-Being   7. Stress and Coping  8. HIV and AIDS  9. Cardiovascular Disease 10. Chronic Pain Management and Arthritis  11. Cancer 12. Health Care Systems and Health Policy:Effects on Health Outcomes 13. The Health Psychologist's Role: Research, Application, and Advocacy