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Helping Relationship, The: Process and Skills, 8th Edition

By Lawrence M. Brammer, Ginger MacDonald

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Sep 24, 2002

Table of Contents


1. Helping: What does it mean?

Your view of helping?

The helping process.

Motives for helping.


Self help.

Peer and community helpers, professional and nonprofessional helpers.

2. Characteristics of helpers.

Levels and styles.

The helper personality.

Why is helping effective?

3. The helping process.



The helping process as experienced.

4. Helping skills for understanding.

Listening, leading, reflecting, challenging, interpreting, informing, summarizing.

5. Helping skills for loss and crisis.

Strategies for helping.

Support skills.

Crisis management.

6. Helping skills for positive action and behavior change.

The action approach to helping.

Making positive behavior changes.

7. Ethical issues in helping relationships.


Self care.

Helper competence and limitations.

Crisis responses.

8. Thinking about the helping process.

A personal theory of helpfulness.

Social issues.

Tying theory to practice.

Helping groups.




Helping Relationship, The: Process and Skills, 8th Edition

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