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High-Impact Teaching Strategies for the 'XYZ' Era of Education, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Richard Howell Allen

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jun 19, 2009

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A whole new force of technology has entered education--PowerPoint, smart boards, MP3s, and the internet have brought stunning changes to all levels of learning in schools across the country. As teachers, the challenge is not the technology, but understanding how that technology has shaped and prepared students. Transforming your instruction into high impact teaching not only captivates and engages these new learners but improves academic results, classroom behavior, and student attitudes. Incorporate these proven strategies and reconnect with the realities of today’s classroom.

Table of Contents

Section One

Understanding the Dynamics of the ‘XYZ’ Era of Education


Section Two

High-Impact ABC Strategies


A = Acknowledgment

B = Being Open

C = Crest of the Wave

D = Directions

E = Entertainment

F = Frames

G = Getting Responses

H = High-Quality Responses

I = Involve, Don’t Tell

J = Jump Up

K = Keen Visuals

L = Labels

M = Music

N = Novelty

O = Ownership

P = Pause

Q = Questions

R = Revolutions

S = Socialization

T = Tiers

U = Uniquely Memorable

V = Vocal Italics

W = Walk Away

X = X-Ray Vision

Y = Yesterday Lives!

Z = Zones of Instruction



Lesson 1: The Presence of Chlorophyll in Leaves

Lesson 2: Natural Resources

Lesson 3: Using Question Marks Appropriately

Lesson 4: Know Your State

Lesson 5: Sentence Types

Lesson 6: ABCs on the Move

Lesson 7: Photo Journal Review

Lesson 8: Native American Legends

Lesson 9: Animals in the Ocean

Lesson 10: Plotting Points on the Coordinate Grid

Lesson 11: American History Time Lines

Lesson 12: Can You Dig It?

Lesson 13: Review Baseball

Lesson 14: Docent of Your Own Museum–Understanding the Visual Arts in Relation to History and Culture

Lesson 15: Carrying Capacity of a Landscape

A Final Thought


Section Three

Lessons in the Language of Learning




The Strawberry

The Traveler

The Animal School

The White Horse

The Castle Wall

The Two Seeds

The 1958 World Series

The Caterpillars

The Bicycle



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