Historical and Conceptual Issues in Psychology

By Marc Brysbaert, Kathy Rastle

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jun 2, 2009


Written in a lively and engaging style, Historical and Conceptual Issues in Psychology is richly illustrated and unique in its presentation of historical and conceptual ideas. The history of Psychology focuses on how political, religious, social, and intellectual changes have affected views on the universe, Earth, and mankind.  Conceptual issues are explained by situating them within the historical context that gave rise to them.  The text encourages students to think critically about historiography and how to apply the various insights to their own lives and the degree they are reading.

Historical and Conceptual Issues in Psychology is an essential textbook for undergraduate students taking courses in Psychology and is also suitable for those studying philosophy, social and health sciences.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The wider picture: Where did it all start?

Chapter 2: The scientific revolution of the seventeenth century

Chapter 3: The first attempts to establish psychology as an independent discipline

Chapter 4 :  Strengthening the scientific standing of Psychology: Behaviourism and cognitive psychology

Chapter 5: The input from brain research

Chapter 6: The mind-brain problem, consciousness and free-will

Chapter 7: How did psychology affect everyday life? The history of applied psychology

Chapter 8 : What is science? Twentieth-century insights

Chapter 9: Is psychology a science?

Chapter 10: The contribution of quantitative and qualitative research methods

Chapter 11: The precarious balance between biological, psychological and social influences

Chapter 12: Psychology and society: The socio-political side


Historical and Conceptual Issues in Psychology

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