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History of Mathematics: Brief Version

By Victor J. Katz

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Oct 22, 2003

Table of Contents

 1. Egypt and Mesopotamia.

 2. Greek Mathematics to the Time of Euclid.

 3. Greek Mathematics from Archimedes to Ptolemy.

 4. Diophantus to Hypatia.

 5. Ancient and Medieval China.

 6. Ancient and Medieval India.

 7. The Mathematics of Islam.

 8. Mathematics in Medieval Europe.

 9. Mathematics in the Renaissance.

10. Precalculus in the Seventeenth Century.

11. Calculus in the Seventeenth Century.

12. Analysis in the Eighteenth Century.

13. Probability and Statistics in the Eighteenth Century.

14. Algebra and Number Theory in the Eighteenth Century.

15. Geometry in the Eighteenth Century.

16. Algebra and Number Theory in the Nineteenth Century.

17. Analysis in the Nineteenth Century.

18. Statistics in the Nineteenth Century.

19. Geometry in the Nineteenth Century.

20. Aspects of the Twentieth Century.



History of Mathematics: Brief Version

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