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History of Modern France, A, CourseSmart eTextbook, 3rd Edition

By Jeremy D. Popkin

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jun 1, 2005

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For courses on modern French history, suitable for one- or two-semester courses in the subject.


A History of Modern France surveys the history of France, from the mid-eighteenth century to the present. Organized chronologically, the book presents an overview of the dramatic events that have punctuated French history, from the French Revolution through the upheavals of the nineteenth century and the world wars of the twentieth century, down to France’s current role in the European Community. Written for today’s undergraduate students, the book attempts to present scholarly controversies in an even-handed way and to reflect the best of contemporary scholarship in French history.

Table of Contents



1. “The Oldest Nation of Europe.”

A Variegated Hexagon.

The Historical Heritage.


2. The Structure of Eighteenth-Century French Society.






3. The Preindustrial Economy.

The Growth of Population.

The Agricultural Economy.

Manufacturing and Commerce.


4. Culture and Thought in Eighteenth-Century France.

The French Enlightenment.

The Eighteenth-Century Public.


5. A Government Under Challenge.

The Absolutist System and Its Weaknesses.

The Breakdown of Absolutism, 1750 to 1774 29.

The Reign of Louis XVI, 1774 to 1787 31.

France and the European State System.


6. Collapse of the Old Monarchy.

From Failed Reforms to Revolutionary Crisis.

Meeting of the Estates- General.

The Parliamentary Revolution.

The Storming of the Bastille.


7. Successes and Failures of the Liberal Revolution.

The “Abolition of Feudalism” and the Declaration of Rights.

The October Days.

A New Political Culture.

The Accomplishments of the National Assembly, 1789 to 1791.

The Revolution and the Reform of the Church.

The King’s Flight and the Crisis of 1791.


8. The Radical Revolution.

The Legislative Assembly and the War.

The Revolt against Slavery.

The Move Toward War.

The Overthrow of the Monarchy.

The Convention and the Republic.

Girondins and Montagnards.

The Dictatorship of the Jacobins.

Revolutionary Culture.

The Great Terror and Thermidor.


9. The Return To Order.

The Thermidorian Reaction.

The Directory.


10. The Napoleonic Years.

The Consul and the Consulate.

The Napoleonic Empire.

Elements of Opposition.

The End of the Empire.


11. The Restoration.

France in 1814.

The Return of the Bourbons and the Hundred Days.

The Consolidation of Constitutional Monarchy.

Postrevolutionary France.

The Revolution of 1830.


12. The July Monarchy and Its Critics.

The Bourgeois Monarchy and Its Foes.

The Regime’s Opponents.

Prophetic Voices.

Orléanist Liberalism.


13. A New Social World.

The Beginnings of French Industrialization.

Bourgeois Society.

The New Urban World.

Cultural Trends.


14. The Revolution of 1848: The Crisis of Bourgeois Society.

The February Revolution.

The Provisional Government.

The June Days and the Conservative Republic.

The Troubled Republic.


15. The Second Empire’s Decade of Prosperity.

The Empire’s New Clothes.

Haussmannization and Ostentation.

Foreign Adventures.


16. The Second Empire in Difficulties.

Domestic Policies in the Empire’s Second Decade.

The Cultural Climate.

The Gamble of the Liberal Empire.

The Franco-Prussian War.


17. The Paris Commune and the Origins of the ThirdRepublic.

The Government of National Defense.

The Uprising of the Commune.

The Conservative Republic.


18. The Republicans in Power.

The Social Bases of the Republic.

Naturalism, Impressionism, and Mass Culture.

The Republic’s World’s Fairs.


19. Economic Depression and Political Crises.

The Late-Nineteenth-Century “Great Depression.”

The Boulanger Affair.

Socialism, Anarchism, and Trade Unions.

Outsiders: Women and Catholics.

The Franco-Russian Treaty and the Fashoda Crisis.


20. The Troubled Years of the Fin-De-Siècle.

Cultural Currents.


The Bloc Républicain.


21. The Belle Époque.

The Second Industrial Revolution in France.

The Years of Protests.

The Onward March of the Avant-Garde.


22. The Coming of the War.

Rising Tensions.

The Shock.

The Ordeal of the War.


23. Crisis, Victory, Disillusionment.

The End of the Union Sacrée.

The Home Front.


The Postwar Settlement.


24. France Between the wars.

The Domestic Atmosphere.

The Quest for Security.

The Briand Years.

Domestic Policies in the 1920s.


25. The Illusion of Normality.

Economic Recovery.

Postwar Society and Culture.

The Descent into the Depression.


26. From the Popular Front to the War.

The Crisis of February 6, 1934.

The Popular Front.

Responding to the Fascist Threat Abroad.

France Enters Hitler’s War.


27. France in the Second World war.

The Debacle.

The Vichy Regime.

The Politics of Collaboration.


28. The Road to Liberation.

Daily Life During the War.

The Resistance and Charles de Gaulle.



29. The Revival of the Parliamentary Republic.

The Provisional Government.

The Turning Points of 1947.

Intellectual Fevers and Overflowing Nurseries.


30. From the Fourth to the FifthRepublic.

The Algerian War.

De Gaulle’s Republic.

Algeria and Decolonization.


31. A France “Married To Its Century.”

De Gaulle’s Grand Design.

Strong Government and Economic Development.

A Social Transformation.

Politics in the Gaullist Republic.


32. May 1968 and France after De Gaulle.

The Events of May 1968.

The Pompidou Presidency.

Giscard d’Estaing’s “Advanced Liberal Society.”

France and the World Economic Crisis.

The Intellectual Climate of the “Après-Mai.


33. The Mitterrand Years.

The Elections of 1981.

The “U-Turn” of 1983.

A Multiethnic France.


34. An Uncertain Start to the New Millennium.

Politics after Mitterrand.

France, America, and Globalization.

Domestic Issues in the New Millennium.


For Further Reading.



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