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A History of Psychology: Ideas and Context, 5th Edition

By D. Brett King, William Douglas Woody, Wayne Viney

Published by Routledge

Published Date: Oct 4, 2013


A History of Psychology: Ideas & Context, 5/e, traces psychological thought from antiquity through early 21st century advances, giving students a thorough look into psychology¿s origins and development. This title provides in-depth coverage of intellectual trends, major systems of thought, and key developments in basic and applied psychology.

Table of Contents

Part I: Historiographic and Philosophical Issues 

1. Critical Issues in Historical Studies 

2. Philosophical Issues 

Part II: Early Psychological Thought 

3. Ancient Psychological Thought 

4. The Roman Period and the Middle Ages 

5. The Renaissance 

Part III: Modern Intellectual Developments that Contributed to the Birth of Psychology 

6. Empiricism, Associationism, and Utilitarianism 

7. Rationalism 

8. Mechanization and Quantification 

9. Naturalism and Humanitarian Reform 

Part IV: Psychology from the Formal Founding in 1879

10. Psychophysics and the Formal Founding of Psychology

11. Developments after the Founding 

12. Functionalism

13. Behaviorism

14. Other Behavioral Psychologies

15. Gestalt Psychology

16. Psychoanalysis

17. Humanistic Psychologies

18. The Rise of Contemporary Psychology


A History of Psychology: Ideas and Context, 5th Edition

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