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How to Coach Your Team: Release team potential and hit peak performance

By Viki Holton, Pam Jones, Angela Jowitt

Published by FT Press

Published Date: Sep 11, 2016


How to Coach Your Team helps business managers coach their teams to peak professional performance.


It includes:

·    Becoming a team coach – coaching skills for team managers

·    Understanding your team - identifying how your team works; deciphering personalities and motivations; building the right environment for success

·    Achieving better outcomes – setting goals; managing performance; facilitating collaboration

·    Building a happier team – building trust; giving and receiving feedback; having positive conversations

·    Improving team communication – working smartly; improving meetings; working virtually

·    A team coaching plan to help you put it all together and stay on track


How to Coach Your Team is a toolkit for working together with your team to achieve success. Many of the questionnaires and ideas can be shared and there are guided opportunities to assess and monitor your progress on a regular basis.

Table of Contents


Who is this book for?

What is Team Coaching?

The difference between individual and team coaching

Why team coaching?

How to use this book


Part 1:  Team Coaching Essentials

Chapter 1: Your role

Chapter 2: Developing your skills

Chapter 3: Coaching your team

Chapter 4: Understanding your team

Chapter 5: Mapping your team

Chapter 6: Getting started


Part 2: Achieving Game Changing Results

Focus on Outcomes

Chapter 7: Purpose, goals and roles

Chapter 8: Managing Performance

Chapter 9: Collaborating with others

Chapter 10: Working with change


Focus on People

Chapter 11: Building engagement

Chapter 12: Resilience proofing your team

Chapter 13: Developing trust

Chapter 14: Developing team potential


Focus on Communication

Chapter 15: Positive conversations

Chapter 16: Holding great meetings

Chapter 17: Virtual and cross cultural teams

Chapter 18: Creating your communication plan


Part 3: Pulling it all Together

Chapter 19:  Ten common team challenges

Chapter 20:  Frequently asked questions

Chapter 21:  Getting support and developing your skills





How to Coach Your Team: Release team potential and hit peak performance

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