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How to Wow: 68 Effortless Ways to Make Every Customer Experience Amazing

By Adrian Swinscoe

Published by FT Press

Published Date: Apr 4, 2016


Looking to improve your customer experience? These 68 strategies will show you how to stand out from your competitors, whatever your business.

Full of practical tips, inspiring insights and interviews with a wide range of leaders and entrepreneurs, How to Wow reveals all you need to deliver a world-class customer experience. Covering both the customer and business side of the equation, you’ll learn how to attract new customers, design a leading customer experience and quickly resolve a wide range of problems, plus much more.

Don’t let your business fall behind, look inside and take your customer experience to the next level.


“Essential and powerful insights for everyone who aspires to map out and enhance the customer journey and drive growth.”

Keith Lewis, COO, Matchtech Group plc

“At last – a book that provides practical ways of delivering the superior experience that today’s customers demand.”

Olivier Njamfa, Co-Founder and CEO of customer experience software company Eptica

Table of Contents

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Part I: The Customer Perspective

1. Attract 

1. Be at the start of your customer’s journey 
2. Don’t interrupt customers 
3. Develop trust at a distance 
4. Are you being interesting and interested? 
5. Trust drives transactions 
6. Become part of your customers story 
7. Customer behaviour is changing: check your assumptions
8. Data insights are good but immersion and observation are better 


2. Engage 

9. Understand the relationships you have with your customers 
10. What it takes to build trust 
11. Customers trust people like them 
12. To really engage you must be willing to fail 
13. Doing what’s right for the customer is often an article of faith 
14. How to be more interesting 
15. Empathy is key to engagement 
16. Bad corporate behaviour impacts customer experience and engagement 
17. Innovating around relationships 
18. Data, privacy and the impact on customer relationships
19. Design a great customer experience by including your customers 
20. People will pay more for better service 


3. Serve 

21. Every customer hates waiting but the experience can be improved 
22. Speak my language 
23. Nature abhors a vacuum 
24. Bad reviews can be good 
25. Remove the grit 
26. The primacy and recency effect 
27. Lots of small changes add up 
28. Make it simple 
29. Behavioural science and lessons for customer service 
30. Identify and deal with silent complaints 
31. Consistency in quality and delivery is key 
32. A name not a number 
33. Make your service proactive 
34. Make promises, keep them but you don’t have to beat them 
35. Improve your service by making it easy for customers to help each other 
36. The longest lasting emotions in customer experience 
37. Make sure delivery is not your Achilles' heel 
38. Reduce effort 
39. Is customer service going to get worse before it gets better? 
40. What’s your brand’s customer service persona? 


4. Keep 


41. The hole in the bucket syndrome 
42. Differences in perception exist and matter 
43. Most loyalty schemes don’t create loyalty 
44. Marginal cost but high perceived value 
45. Make your customer the hero 
46. What drives loyalty? 
47. Complaints are key to retention
48. Where you earn loyalty 


5. Refer 

49. If you don’t ask then you won’t get 

50. Proactivity drives advocacy too 
51. How you can build your own customer referral community 


Part II: The Business Perspective
6. Communicate 

52. Be honest about your surveys and keep them short 
53. Always feedback and report on results 
54. When’s the best time to survey your customers?
55. Be careful when interpreting data
7. Motivate 

56. Work hard and be nice to people 
57. The link between customer experience and employee engagement 
58. Engagement is not something that is done to people 
59. Design the employee experience too 


8. Lead 

60. What’s the best organisational structure to deliver your customer experience? 
61. Becoming more agile and responsive to customer needs 
62. Unlearning old ways can help transform customer experience 
63. Using behaviours rather than targets to improve your customer experience 
64. Leadership behaviours and customer experience 
65. Humility and the benefits of admitting that you got it wrong 
66. When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure 
67. What have you done today to make the lives of your team easier? 
68. Don’t believe the hype 


Final words




How to Wow: 68 Effortless Ways to Make Every Customer Experience Amazing

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