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Human Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory Manual, Fetal Pig Version, Media Update with PhysioEx 4.0, 7th Edition

By Elaine N. Marieb, Linda S. Kollett

Published by Benjamin Cummings

Published Date: Jul 26, 2002


Human Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory Manual, Fetal Pig Version, Media Update with PhysioEx 4.0, Seventh Edition guides readers through well-planned lab activities and features new illustrations and full-color photographs that help readers visualize and master lab concepts. Designed to stand alone or for use with other materials, the manual contains anatomical and physiological terminology essential for use in one- or two-semester anatomy and physiology courses. PhyisoEx 4.0 now includes an entirely new laboratory simulation on Acid/Base Balance that focuses on respiratory and metabolic acidosis and alkalosis, as well as renal and respiratory compensation. The lab is accompanied by a written exercise. The Histology tutorial now features 40 new slides plus written worksheets to increase reader comprehension.

Table of Contents

Getting Started - What to Expect, The Scientific Method, and Metrics.

The Human Body: An Orientation.

Exercise 1. The Language of Anatomy.

Exercise 2. Organ Systems Overview.

The Microscope and Its Uses.

Exercise 3. The Microscope.

The Cell.

Exercise 4. The Cell — Anatomy and Division.

Exercise 5A. The Cell — Transport Mechanisms and Cell Permeability: Wet Lab.

Histology: Basic Tissues of the Body.

Exercise 6A. Classification of Tissues.

The Integumentary System and Body Membranes.

Exercise 7. The Integumentary System.

Exercise 8. Classification of Body Membranes.

The Skeletal System.

Exercise 9. Overview of the Skeleton: Classification and Structure of Bones and Cartilages.

Exercise 10. The Axial Skeleton.

Exercise 11. The Appendicular Skeleton.

Exercise 12. The Fetal Skeleton.

Exercise 13. Articulations and Body Movements.

The Muscular System.

Exercise 14. Microscopic Anatomy, Organization, and Classification of Skeletal Muscle.

Exercise 15. Gross Anatomy of the Muscular System.

Exercise 16A. Skeletal Muscle Physiology — Frog Experimentation: Wet Lab.

The Nervous System.

Exercise 17. Histology of Nervous Tissue.

Exercise 18A. Neurophysiology of Nerve Impulses.

Exercise 19. Gross Anatomy of the Brain and Cranial Nerves.

Exercise 20. Electroencephalography.

Exercise 21. Spinal Cord and Spinal Nerves.

Exercise 22. Human Reflex Physiology.

Exercise 23. General Sensation.

Exercise 24. Special Senses: Vision.

Exercise 25. Special Senses: Hearing and Equilibrium.

Exercise 26. Special Senses: Olfaction and Taste.

The Endocrine System.

Exercise 27. Anatomy and Basic Function of the Endocrine Glands.

Exercise 28A. Experiments on Hormonal Action: Wet Lab.

The Circulatory System.

Exercise 29. Blood.

Exercise 30. Anatomy of the Heart.

Exercise 31. Conduction System of the Heart and Electrocardiography.

Exercise 32. Anatomy of the Blood Vessels.

Exercise 33A. Human Cardiovascular Physiology — Blood Pressure and Pulse Determinations.

Exercise 34A. Frog Cardiovascular Physiology: Wet Lab.

Exercise 35. The Lymphatic System and Immune Response.

The Respiratory System.

Exercise 36. Anatomy of the Respiratory System.

Exercise 37A. Respiratory System Physiology.

The Digestive System.

Exercise 38. Anatomy of the Digestive System.

Exercise 39A. Chemical and Physical Processes of Digestion: Wet Lab.

The Urinary System.

Exercise 40. Anatomy of the Urinary System.

Exercise 41A. Urinalysis.

The Reproductive System, Development, and Heredity.

Exercise 42. Anatomy of the Reproductive System.

Exercise 43. Physiology of Reproduction: Gametogenesis and the Female Cycles.

Exercise 44. Survey of Embryonic Development.

Exercise 45. Principles of Heredity.

Surface Anatomy.

Exercise 46. Surface Anatomy Roundup.

Dissection Exercises.

Dissection Exercise 1. Dissection and Identification of Fetal Pig Muscles.

Dissection Exercise 2. Dissection of Fetal Pig Spinal Nerves.

Dissection Exercise 3. Identification of Selected Endocrine Organs of the Fetal Pig.

Dissection Exercise 4. Dissection of the Blood Vessels of the Fetal Pig.

Dissection Exercise 5. The Main Lymphatic Ducts of the Fetal Pig.

Dissection Exercise 6. Dissection of the Respiratory System of the Fetal Pig.

Dissection Exercise 7. Dissection of the Digestive System of the Fetal Pig.

Dissection Exercise 8. Dissection of the Urinary System of the Fetal Pig.

Dissection Exercise 9. Dissection of the Reproductive System of the Fetal Pig.

PhysioEx™ V4.0 Computer Simulations Introduction.

Exercise 5B. Cell Transport Mechanisms and Permeability: Computer Simulation.

Exercise 6B. Histology Module Tutorial.

Exercise 16B. Skeletal Muscle Physiology: Computer Simulation.

Exercise 18B. Neurophysiology of Nerve Impulses: Computer Simulation.

Exercise 28B. Endocrine System Physiology: Computer Simulation.

Exercise 33B. Cardiovascular Dynamics: Computer Simulation.

Exercise 34B. Frog Cardiovascular Physiology: Computer Simulation.

Exercise 37B. Respiratory System Mechanics: Computer Simulation.

Exercise 39B. Chemical and Physical Processes of Digestion: Computer Simulation.

Exercise 41B. Renal Physiology—The Function of the Nephron: Computer Simulation.

Exercise 47. Acid/Base Balance: Computer Simulation.

PhysioEx™ Review Sheets.

PhysioEx™ Histology Review Supplement.

Histology Atlas.

Human Anatomy Atlas.

Review Sheets.

Appendix A. The Metric System.

Appendix B. Predicted Vital Capacity Tables.

Appendix C. A.D.A.M. Interactive Anatomy Correlations.

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