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Human Biology, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Colleen M. Belk, Virginia Borden Maier

Published by Benjamin Cummings

Published Date: Sep 17, 2008

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Human Biology is a new textbook for non-science students and, in some cases, students preparing for anatomy and physiology courses. As in Belk and Borden’s highly successful “Biology: Science for Life,” science is presented as a story that is integrated into the narrative to motivate students to read further and make real-life connections to the concepts they are learning. Critical thinking is emphasized through figure captions that encourage students to think further,“Stop and Stretch” vignettes that ask them to reflect on earlier concepts, and end-of-chapter problems that pose questions that integrate and synthesize the chapter material. The unique presentation of molecular genetics early in the book (Chapter 4) allows the authors to connect genetics to homeostasis through recurring boxes in later chapters called "Genes and Homeostasis." Clear and friendly writing continues as a hallmark of these authors.

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Table of Contents

1. The Scientific Method: Proven Effective

2. The Chemistry of Life: Drink to Your Health?

3.  Cell Structure and Metabolism: Diet

4. Genes—Transcription, Translation, Mutation, and Cloning: Genetically Modified Foods

5. Tissues, Organs, and Organ Systems: Work Out

6. The Musculoskeletal System: Sex Differences in Athleticism

7. The Digestive System: Weight-Loss Surgery

8. The Blood: Malaria-A Deadly Bite   

9. The Cardiovascular System: Can We Stop the Number-One Killer?

10. The Respiratory System: Secondhand Smoke

11. The Urinary System: Surviving the Ironman

12. Immune System, Bacteria, Viruses, and Other Pathogens:  Will Mad-Cow Disease Become an Epidemic?

13. Sexually Transmitted Infections: The Cervical Cancer Vaccine

14. Brain Structure and Function: Attention Deficit Disorder

15. The Senses: Is Danger Near? 

16. The Endocrine System:  Worried Sick

17. DNA Synthesis, Mitosis, and Meiosis: Cancer

18. Human Reproduction:  Is There Something in the Water?

19. Mendelian and Quantitative Genetics: Are You Only as Smart as Your Genes?

20. Extensions of Mendelism, Sex Linkage, Pedigree Analysis, and DNA Fingerprinting DNA Detective

21. Development and Aging : The Promise and Perils of Stem Cells

22. Evolution: Where Did We Come From?

23. Ecosystems and Biomes: Where Do You Live?

24. Population, Community, and Ecosystem Ecology: Is Earth Experiencing a Biodiversity Crisis?

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