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Human Evolution and Culture: Highlights of Anthropology, 7th Edition

By Carol R. Ember, Melvin R. Ember, Peter N. Peregrine

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Dec 16, 2011

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A Brief Empirical Introduction to the Four Fields of Anthropology


Human Evolution and Culture presents the highlights of the popular Anthropology, 13th edition by the same author team. It provides students with an empirical introduction to the four fields of anthropology, and helps them understand humans in all their variety - and why such variety exists.


Its four sections introduce students to 1) anthropology, 2) the biological and cultural evolution of humans, 3) cultural variation, and 4) how anthropology can be applied beyond academia. 


This new 7th edition places an increased emphasis on immigration, migration and globalization.  Additionally, the size of the book (19 chapters) makes it useful for quarter courses, as well as for courses that encourage a lot of supplemental reading.



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Engage Students – Along with a detailed summary, each chapter ends with a listing of new terms that have been introduced; helping students to engage in major concepts and findings.


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Table of Contents


About the Authors   

Part I  Introduction

Chapter 1      The Importance of Anthropology   
Chapter 2      Research Methods in Anthropology

Part II  Human Evolution: Biological and Cultural

Chapter 3      Genetics and Evolution   
Chapter 4      Human Variation and Adaptation   
Chapter 5      Primates: Present and Past   
Chapter 6      The First Hominids and the Emergence of Homo   
Chapter 7      The Emergence of Homo sapiens   
Chapter 8      Food Production and the Rise of States   


Part III  Cultural Variation

Chapter 9   Culture and Culture Change  
Chapter 10  Language and Communication   
Chapter 11  Economics   
Chapter 12  Social Stratification: Class, Ethnicity, and Racism   
Chapter 13  Sex and Gender   
Chapter 14  Marriage, Family, and Kinship   
Chapter 15  Political Life   
Chapter 16  Religion and Magic   
Chapter 17 The Arts

Part IV  Using Anthropology

Chapter 18  Global Problems   
Chapter 19  Applied and Practicing Anthropology   




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