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Human Sexuality Today, CourseSmart eTextbook, 7th Edition

By Bruce M. King

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 4, 2011

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The sixth edition of Human Sexuality Today provides students with the information they need to make responsible decisions and helps them feel comfortable about themselves while learning about their sexuality. This new edition comes in a new attractive four color design and in the VangoBook format!


VangoBooks are innovative course materials designed to better meet the needs of today’s students.  VangoBooks present the need-to-know information at about half the cost of a traditional textbook. Human Sexuality Today , 6E is also accompanied by VangoNotes, a downloadable audio study guide tied to this textbook.  For more information, visit


Clean, simple, smart, and efficient, VangoBooks represent a very different type of textbook–one that students will actually want to read. Created with the philosophy of quality over quantity, each VangoBook can be read in approximately 20 hours–that’s roughly one hour per chapter. By partnering with authors who understand exactly what students need to learn, and precisely what instructors need to teach–no more, no less–VangoBooks and their ancillary materials present compelling content in an attractive format without the sticker shock.

Table of Contents

1. Why a Course in Human Sexuality? 
2. Our Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy. 
3. Hormones and Sexuality. 
4. Similarities and Differences in Our Sexual Responses.
5. Sexually Transmitted Infections and Sexually Related Diseases. 
6. Birth Control.

7. Pregnancy and Childbirth.
8. Becoming a Woman/Becoming a Man: Gender Identity and Gender Roles.
9. Sexual Orientation.
10. Life-Span Sexual Development.
11. Adult Sexual Behaviors and Attitudes.
12. Love and Relationships.
13. Sexual Problems and Therapy.
14. Paraphilias and Sexual Variants.
15. Sexual Victimization: Rape, Coercion, Harassment, and Abuse of Children.
16. Selling Sex: Social and Legal Issues.

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