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Humanities, The: Culture, Continuity and Change, Book 6: 1900 to the Present, 2nd Edition

By Henry M. Sayre

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 18, 2011


For an undergraduate introductory level course in the humanities.

Humanities narrated in a story-telling approach.

The Humanities: Culture, Continuity & Change helps students see context and make connections across the humanities by tying together the entire cultural experience through a narrative storytelling approach. Written around Henry Sayre’s belief that students learn best by remembering stories rather than memorizing facts, it captures the voices that have shaped and influenced human thinking and creativity throughout our history.

Table of Contents

Modernism and the Globalization of Cultures: 1900 to the Present
Ch. 34- The Era of Invention: Paris and the Modern World
Ch. 35- The Great War and Its Impact: A Lost Generation and a New Imagination
Ch. 36- New York, Skyscraper Culture, and the Jazz Age: Making it New

Ch. 37- The Age of Anxiety: Fascism and Depression, Holocaust and Bomb

Ch. 38- After the War: Existential Doubt, Artistic Triumph, and the Culture of Consumption
Ch. 39- Multiplicity and Diversity: Cultures of Liberation and Identity in the 1960s and 1970s
Ch. 40- Without Boundaries: Multiple Meanings in a Postmodern World
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