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Inclusive Classroom, The: Strategies for Effective Instruction, 4th Edition

By Margo A. Mastropieri, Thomas E. Scruggs

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 9, 2009


This text offers a wealth of practical and proven strategies for successfully including students with disabilities in general education classrooms.  The text provides targeted strategies for the subject and skill areas, as well as special needs of individual students, with a strong focus on instructional strategies applied to specific student need areas. An overall theme of “effective, differentiated instruction” is infused throughout the text, relating to those practices that are most closely aligned with academic success.  The text is unique in its three-part coverage of 1). the fundamentals of teaching students with special needs, 2). effective general teaching practices, and 3).inclusive practices in specific subject areas. With a strong focus on instructional strategies and how they are applied to specific student need areas, the text goes further by featuring more specific strategies than any other text, and extensive information about the most effective strategies available, and when and how to use them.. This strong focus instructs pre-service teachers and other education personnel on how they can implement in the classroom specific strategies to address a very wide range of grade levels, skill levels, academic content areas; and extensive and very specific information on strategies teachers can use in the areas of most concern to them, e.g., behavior management, handling student confrontations, promoting literacy, memory for school content, motivation to learn, maintaining student attention, adapting assessment and improving test scores, and specific strategies for adapting specific lessons in math, science, social studies, and career and technical education.  Specifically written for pre-service or in-service special education teachers who will work with general education teachers in K-12 classrooms, the text is also relevant for school psychologists, counselors, support staff, and other school personnel interested in helping all students succeed in the classroom.

Table of Contents

PART I        The Fundamentals


Chapter 1    Introduction to Inclusive Teaching

Chapter 2    Collaboration: Partnerships and Procedures

Chapter 3    Teaching Students with Higher-Incidence Disabilities

Chapter 4    Teaching Students with Lower-Incidence Disabilities

Chapter 5    Teaching Students with Other Special Learning Needs


PART II        Developing Effective Teaching Skills


Chapter 6    Effective Instruction for All Students

Chapter 7    Improving Classroom Behavior and Social Skills

Chapter 8    Promoting Inclusion with Classroom Peers

Chapter 9    Enhancing Motivation and Affect

Chapter 10  Improving Attention and Memory

Chapter 11  Teaching Study Skills

Chapter 12  Assessment


PART III        Teaching in the Content Areas


Chapter 13  Literacy

Chapter 14  Mathematics

Chapter 15  Science and Social Studies

Chapter 16  Transitions

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