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Inclusive Teaching: The Journey Towards Effective Schools for All Learners, CourseSmart eTextbook, 2nd Edition

By J. Michael Peterson, Mishael M. Hittie

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Apr 22, 2009

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For Inclusion/Mainstreaming, and Inclusive Education courses, and as a supplement to Introduction to Teaching courses.


The second edition of Inclusive Teaching takes a uniquely different approach than other texts available for inclusion courses by suggesting that the goal of teachers and schools should be to include all students with disabilities and other at-risk students– students with mild to severe disabilities, gifted and talented students, racially and culturally diverse students, students with differing sexual preferences and more–in the general education classroom. Organized around the profound question, “How can we create schools and classrooms where vastly diverse students learn well together?” the text strives to provide a myriad of helpful and creative answers to this question for our future teachers–leaders of the classroom impacting positive change for tomorrow’s schools.  Clearly organized around the way in which teachers think, from arranging the physical classroom to dealing with the social-emotional needs of students, to designing effective, multi-level, differentiated instruction, the text remains positively devoted to teaching change and impacting the future of all students learning together.

Table of Contents

1.  Celebrate Difference:  Promoting and Inclusive and Caring Society Through Education


2.  Introduction to Inclusive Teaching: Educating All Children Together Well (with contributions by Douglas Fisher)


3.  Diverse Students in the Classroom:  How Students are Different and the Same


4.  Planning Individualized Differentiation: Interventions for Students with Special Needs


5.  Provide Support and Collaborate: Getting Help and Building a School Community


6.  Partner with Families adn the Community: Building Relationships for Learning


7.  Develop and Inclusive School and Classroom: Using Space and Physical Resources to Support All Students


8.  Make Environmental Accommodations and Use Assistive Technology: Tools That Extend Human Capacity 

     and Promote Learning


9.  Build a Community for Learning: Promoting Mutual CAre, Support, and Celebration


10.  Meet Needs of Students with Challenging Behaviors: Positive Strategies for Difficult Situations


11.  Inclusive Academic Instruction, Part I: Planning Inclusive Lessons and Units


12.  Inclusive Academic Instruction, Part II: Multilevel and Differentiated Learning Activities


13.  Inclusive Academic Instruction, Part III: Applications in Subjects



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