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InDesign Type: Professional Typography with Adobe InDesign, CourseSmart eTextbook, 3rd Edition

By Nigel French

Published by Adobe Press

Published Date: Feb 7, 2014


This fully updated guide shows students how to create beautiful type with Adobe InDesign. Using practical examples, loads of tips, and sidebars to provide additional detail, the author provides a comprehensive overview of all of InDesign's type features, including new features in InDesign CS6 and CC – Smart Text Reflow, Auto-size text frames, Conditional Text, and Object Styles to name a few. Starting with character formats and then moving through paragraph formats, styles and effects, and layouts, this book teaches all the skills students need to produce beautiful type.
New to this edition is expanded coverage of issues of burning interest to typographers who create text for online display. This includes not only text delivered via web sites (with new material on using Google Web Fonts and Adobe’s own TypeKit fonts) but also ebooks and tablet-based interactive publications produced via the Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS). Nigel gives valuable tips for using InDesign for ePUB production, including embedding fonts, creating drop caps, and defining text wraps. He also prepares modern typographers for the complexities of laying out DPS publications, with explanations of Alternate Layouts , Layout Adjustment, and Liquid Layouts (to have page content properly reflow when readers change the orientation of their tablets).
More than ever, modern typographers need to be prepared to craft type that will be used in a wide variety of media, from the printed page to the high-resolution displays of mobile devices, and this new edition of InDesign Type is the perfect guidebook for them.

Table of Contents

01 Introduction

02 Placing and Flowing Text

03 Character Formatting

04 Leading

05 Kerning and Tracking

06 Small (but important) Details

07 Alignment

08 Indents and Spacing

09 Breaking (and not breaking) lines, paragraphs, columns, pages

10 Tabs, Tables, and Lists

11 Drop Caps

12 Choosing and Combining Typefaces

13 Global Formatting with Styles

14 Working with Text Wraps

15 Margins, Columns and Baseline Grids

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