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Inefficient Stock Market, The: What Pays Off and Why, 2nd Edition

By Robert A. Haugen

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jun 13, 2001

Table of Contents

 1. Introduction.


 2. Estimating Expected Return with the Theories of Modern Finance.

 3. Estimating Portfolio Risk and Expected Return with Ad Hoc Factor Models.

 4. Payoffs to the Five Families.

 5. Predicting Future Stock Returns with the Expected-Return Factor Model.

 6. Counterattack—The First Wave.

 7. Super Stocks and Stupid Stocks.

 8. The International Results.


 9. The Topography of the Stock Market.

10. The Positive Payoffs to Cheapness and Profitability.

11. The Negative Payoff to Risk.

12. The Forces Behind the Technical Payoffs to Price History.

13. Counterattack—The Second Wave.

14. The Roads to Heaven and Hell.

15. The Wrong 20-Yard Line.

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