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Instrumentation, CourseSmart eTextbook

By CAPT(Center for the Advancement of Process Tech)l

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: May 11, 2009

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Process Technology Instrumentation is a 24 chapter, two-semester textbook, intended for use in community colleges, technical colleges, universities and corporate settings in which process instrumentation is taught.


Process Technology Instrumentation is designed to teach students about various instrumentations used in the process industries.  This text includes a variety of topics including, control loops, symbology, troubleshooting and safety systems. Each chapter contains objectives, key terms, a summary, review questions and activities to enhance the learning experience. Students will find this textbook to be a valuable resource throughout their process technology career.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Instrumentation

Chapter 2: Process Variables, Elements and Instruments: PRESSURE

Chapter 3: Process Variables, Elements and Instruments: TEMPERATURE

Chapter 4: Process Variables, Elements and Instruments: LEVEL

Chapter 5: Process Variables, Elements and Instruments: FLOW

Chapter 6: Process Variables, Elements and Instruments: ANALYTICAL

Chapter 7: Miscellaneous Measuring Devices

Chapter 8: Introduction to Control Loops: Simple Loop Theory

Chapter 9: Control Loops: Primary Sensors, Transmitters, and Transducers

Chapter 10: Control Loops: Controllers and Final Control Element Overview

Chapter 11: Control Loops: Control Valves and Regulators

Chapter 12: Symbology: Process Diagrams and Instrument Sketching

Chapter 13: Instrumentation Troubleshooting

Chapter 14: Switches, Relays and Annunciators

Chapter 15: Signal Transmission and Conversion

Chapter 16: Controllers

Chapter 17: Control Schemes

Chapter 18: Advanced Control Schemes

Chapter 19: Introduction to Digital Control

Chapter 20: Programmable Logic Control (PLC)

Chapter 21: Distributed Control System (DCS)

Chapter 22: Instrument Power Supply

Chapter 23: Emergency Shutdown (ESD), Interlocks, and Protective Devices

Chapter 24: Instrumentation Malfunctions

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