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InterACT with Web Standards: A holistic approach to web design, Safari

By Erin Anderson, Virginia DeBolt, Derek Featherstone, Lars Gunther, Denise R. Jacobs, Leslie Jensen-Inman, Chris Mills, Christopher Schmitt, Glenda Sims, Aarron Walter

Published by New Riders

Published Date: May 16, 2010

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Laying the foundation for a solid understanding of Web design, this book weaves together industry best practices and standards-based design techniques. It is built on practical examples and short exercises crafted to help readers learn quickly and retain information. Starting with the basics this book teaches:
  • Internet fundamentals
  • Planning, content strategy, and information architecture
  • HTML and CSS
  • Accessibility
Created by the education luminaries that brought you the revolutionary InterACT curriculum ( and the Opera Web Standards Curriculum (, and the experts that power The Web Standards Project, this book is the definitive guide to learning the basics of web design. Its emphasis on practical and proven techniques make it the go-to guide that every aspiring web professional needs to succeed in their career.

25% of all author proceeds from this book will be donated to The Open Web Education Alliance ( to help advance web education around the world.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Preparation and background knowledge
  Chapter 1: About InterAct
  Chapter 2: The tools you'll need
  Chapter 3: Learning more effectively with the Web
  Chapter 4: Internet fundamentals
  Chapter 5: Writing for the web
Part 2: Planning
  Chapter 6: Information architecture basics
  Chapter 7: Organizing information
  Chapter 8: The site planning process
  Chapter 9: Content analysis and IA strategy
  Chapter 10: Site project plan - from IA strategy to reality
Part 3: Implementation: HTML and CSS fundamentals
  Chapter 11: Introduction to HTML structure
  Chapter 12: CSS styling basics
  Chapter 13: The document <head>
  Chapter 14: Text: headings and paragraphs
  Chapter 15: Setting page-wide styles
  Chapter 16: Links
  Chapter 17: Images
  Chapter 18: HTML Lists
  Chapter 19: Tables
  Chapter 20: Forms
  Chapter 21: Generic containers
  Chapter 22: Lesser-known semantics
  Chapter 23: Column layouts using floats - headers, columns, footers
  Chapter 24: Positioning: static and fixed
  Chapter 25: Positioning: relative and absolute
  Chapter 26: Validating and debugging your HTML and CSS - headers, columns, footers
  Chapter 27: Accessibility
Part 4: Bringing it all together
Final Project