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Interdisciplinary Instruction for all Learners K-8: A Practical Guide, CourseSmart eTextbook, 4th Edition

By Karlyn E. Wood

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 1, 2009

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In keeping with the renewed interest in interdisciplinary instructional methods, this practical text provides teacher candidates with a strong foundational knowledge of the field, coupled with a wealth of practical suggestions on how to plan and implement interdisciplinary instruction across the curriculum with all learners. Readers are guided through the thinking and planning processes involved in designing interdisciplinary units and multidisciplinary units. The processes involved in preparing lesson plans are explained and illustrated with examples of lesson plans that follow five specific procedural protocols. Unit and lesson planning processes follow backward design as the main approach to their designs. By the end of the text, students will have experienced the entire process involved in planning, designing, creating, and implementing interdisciplinary instruction in K-8 schools.



  • Emphasizes the connections between the interdisciplinary approach and two important contemporary concerns in education–student diversity and differentiation of instruction.
  • Discusses the No Child Left Behind legislation and the challenge it presents to innovation and the development of interdisciplinary programs in particular.

Table of Contents

Brief Contents  
Chapter 1 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Instruction

Chapter 2 Requirements and Challenges for Interdisciplinary Instruction

Chapter 3 Designing Interdisciplinary Units

Chapter 4 Designing Multidisciplinary Units

Chapter 5 Lesson Planning Strategies for Interdisciplinary Instruction

Chapter 6 Assessment Planning for Interdisciplinary Instruction



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