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Interest Group Society, The, CourseSmart eTextbook, 5th Edition

By Jeffrey M. Berry, Clyde Wilcox

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 11, 2008

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Considered the gold standard on interest group politics, this widely-used text analyzes interest groups within the intuitive framework of democratic theory, enabling students to understand the workings of interest groups within the larger context of our political system.  Comprehensive coverage includes not only the traditional farm, labor, and trade associations, but also citizen groups, public interest organizations, corporations, and public interest firms. 


Brief in page count yet comprehensive in coverage, the book is flexible for different class settings.  The book’s rich content and lean size allows it to stand alone as the centerpiece of a course, or be assigned as one of several texts. 

Table of Contents


Chapter 1
Madison’s Dilemma    
Curing the Mischiefs of Faction     
Interest Groups and Their Functions     
The Rise and Fall of Pluralism     
Pluralism as a Goal     

Chapter 2
The Advocacy Explosion    
The Interest Group Spiral     
The Rise of Citizen Groups     
Business Fights Back     

Chapter 3
The Party Connection    
The Advantages of Interest Groups     
Working Together     
Parties and PACs     
Keeping Parties Straight and True     

Chapter 4
Mobilization and Organization    
Competing Theories     
Supply of Benefits     
Marketing Interest Groups: Direct Mail     
Maintaining the Organization     
Who Governs?     
Making Decisions     

Chapter 5
A Day in the Life of a Lobbyist     
Effective Lobbying     
Lobbying as a Career     
Lobbyists for Hire     

Chapter 6
Public Opinion and     
Grassroots Lobbying    
Lobbying for Values     
Educating the Public     
Think Tanks     
Demonstrations and Histrionics     
Direct Citizen Lobbying     
High-Tech Lobbying     

Chapter 7
Political Action Committees    
Movement for Reform     
PACs and Political Finance     
Does Money Matter?     
Targeting and Cooperation     

Chapter 8
Washington Lobbying    
Executive Branch     
The Courts    
Strategic Decision Making    

Chapter 9
The Rise of Issue Networks    
Coalitions: EverdayPolitics     
From Subgovernments to Issue Networks     
The Qualities of Issue Networks     
The Telecommunications Network     

Chapter 10
Bias and Representation    
Corporate Wealth and Political Advocacy    
A Special Relationship     
Beyond Business    


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