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Interest Groups and Congress: Lobbying, Contributions and Influence (Longman Classics Series)

By John R. Wright

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 19, 2002

Table of Contents

Foreward by Bruce Oppenheimer of Vanderbilt University

1. Introduction.

The Puzzle of Interest Group Influence.

2. The History, Organization, and Regulation of Interest Groups.

The Evolution of Interest Groups.

The Organization of Interests.

Political Organizations and the Legal Environment.

Controlling Factions: Regulation and the Endurance of Political Interests.

3. Interest Groups, Congress, and Public Policy.

Interest Group Participation Before Congress.

Interest Group Participation Beyond Congress: Agencies and the Courts.

The Family and Medical Leave Act: A Case Study of Interest Groups and Policymaking.

Interest Group Lobbying and Legislators' Policy Calculations.

4. Legislative Lobbying.

The Objectives of Organized Interests: Access and Influence.

The Uncertainty of Legislative Decisionmaking.

The Information Specialties of Organized Interests.

The Strategic Use of Information.

5. Political Action Committees.

The History and Characteristics of PACs.

PAC Contributions and the Exchange of Votes and Favors.

PACs and Information.

PACs and Representation.

6. Consequences of Interest Group Politics.

Policy Gridlock.

Governmental Growth and Inefficiency.

Growth and Information.

Political Inequality.

Inequality and Information.

Interest Groups, Representation, and Legislating.

7. Conclusion.