International Economics, Student Value Edition, 5th Edition

By James Gerber

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Dec 14, 2011


A principles-level introduction to international economics—accessible to all majors.

International Economics uses a rich array of case studies to illuminate economic institutions and policies as well as recent developments in the global economy—without students having to rely on a prerequisite knowledge of higher-level math. Further, the text’s flexible approach—with self-contained chapters and comprehensive coverage—allows instructors to adapt the text easily to a wide range of syllabi.

The fifth edition preserves the organization and coverage of the fourth edition and adds a number of updates and enhancements. All tables and graphs have been updated and every chapter reflects a new discussion, case or developing example.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Introduction and Institutions

Chapter 1: The United States in a Global Economy
Chapter 2: International Economic Institutions since World War II

Part 2: International Trade

Chapter 3: Comparative Advantage and the Gains from Trade
Chapter 4: Comparative Advantage and Factor Endowments
Chapter 5: Beyond Comparative Advantage
Chapter 6: The Theory of Tariffs and Quotas
Chapter 7: Commercial Policy
Chapter 8: International Trade and Labor and Environmental Standards

Part 3: International Finance

Chapter 9: Trade and the Balance of Payments
Chapter 10: Exchange Rates and Exchange Rate Systems
Chapter 11: An Introduction to Open Economy Macroeconomics
Chapter 12: International Financial Crises

Part 4: Regional Issues in the Global Economy

Chapter 13: Economic Integration in North America
Chapter 14: The European Union: Many Markets into One
Chapter 15: Trade and Policy Reform in Latin America
Chapter 16: Export-Oriented Growth in East Asia
Chapter 17: China and India in the World Economy

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