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Introduction to Data Communications and Networking, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Wayne Tomasi

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Sep 17, 2004

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For introductory courses in electronic communications, data communications, and networking, as well as ECT, EET, and CET students.

Written to introduce students to the fundamental concepts of electronic communications systems, data systems, and networks, this text provides extensive coverage of a wide range of data communications and networking issues while offering preliminary information on basic electronic communications and telecommunications systems. Topics explored include wireless and wireline telecommunications systems, basic data communications networks and systems, local area networks, internetworks, and the Internet including TCP/IP protocol suite.

Table of Contents

 1. Introduction to Data Communications and Networking.

 2. Signals, Noise, Modulation, and Demodulation.

 3. Cable Transmission Media.

 4. Optical Fiber Transmission Media.

 5. Digital Transmission.

 6. Multiplexing and T-Carriers.

 7. Wireless Communications Systems.

 8. Telephone Instruments and Signals.

 9. The Telephone Circuit.

10. The Public Telephone Network.

11. Cellular Telephone Concepts.

12. Cellular Telephone Systems.

13. Data Communications Codes, Data Formats, and Error Control.

14. Data Communications Hardware, Serial and Parallel Interfaces.

15. Data Communications Equipment.

16. Data Link Protocols.

17. Networking and Internetworking.

18. Local Area Networks.

19. TCP/IP Protocol Suite and Internet Protocol Addressing.

20. Networks and Subnetworks.

21. Network-Layer Protocols.

22. Internet Control Management Protocol.

23. Transport-Layer Protocols.

24. Internet Protocol Version 6.

25. Configuration and Domain Name Protocols.

26. TCP/IP Applications-Layer Protocols.

27. Integrated Services Data Networks.

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