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Introduction to Islam, CourseSmart eTextbook, 4th Edition

By Fred Denny

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Sep 30, 2010

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An Introduction to Islam, Fourth Edition, provides students with a thorough, unified and topical introduction to the global religious community of Islam.  In addition, the author's extensive field work, experience, and scholarship combined with his engaging writing style and passion for the subject also sets his text apart.


An Introduction to Islam, places Islam within a cultural, political, social, and religious context, and examines its connections with Judeo-Christian morals.  Its integration of the doctrinal and devotional elements of Islam enables readers to see how Muslims think and live – engendering understanding and breaking down stereotypes. 


This text also reviews pre-Islamic history so readers can see how Islam developed historically. 


Table of Contents

An Inroduction to Islam, 4/E

Table of Contents



A General Introduction to Islam's Basic Teachings

Pronounciation Tips for key Arabic-Islamic Terms


PART ONE: Religion and Common Life in the Pre-Islamic Near East

    Chapter 1    Early Civilizations and the Origins of Judaism and Christianity

    Chapter 2    Pre-Islamic Arabia: Beliefs, Values, Way of Life


PART TWO: The Coming of Islam: The Prophet, His People, and God's Religion

    Chapter 3    Muhammad and the Early Muslim Community

    Chapter 4    The Arab Conquests and Islamic Rule: The Stuggle for a Unified Umma


PART THREE: The Islamic Religious System

    Chapter 5    The Basic Beliefs and Worship Practices of Islam

    Chapter 6    The Nature and Function of the Qur'an

    Chapter 7    The Prophet's Sunna as Preserved in the Hadith

    Chapter 8    Muslim Creeds and Theologies: Their Purposes and Varieties

    Chapter 9    Law and the State in Classical Islamic Formulations


PART FOUR: The Sufi Way of Mysticism and Fellowship

    Chapter 10   Islamic Mysticism and the Disciplines of Exoteric Piety

    Chapter 11   Masters and Disciples: The Forms and Functions of Sufi Orders


PART FIVE: Patterns of Islamic Personal and Communal Life

    Chapter 12   The Islamic Life Cycle and the Family

    Chapter 13   Ideals and Realities of Islamic Community Life


PART SIX: Islam in the Modern World

    Chapter 14   Major Movements and Trends in Renewal and Reform

    Chapter 15   Three Forms of Islamic Revival: "Fundamentalism," Feminism, and Establishing the Umma in North America

    Chapter 16   Whither Islam and the Muslims? Progressive Muslims with a Vision of an "Islam without Borders"


Suggestions for Further Reading




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