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Introduction to Logic: Propositional Logic, Revised Edition, 3rd Edition

By Howard Pospesel

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Oct 27, 1999

Table of Contents

1. Logic.

Introduction. Key Terms. Exercises.

2. If.

Compound Statements. Symbolizing Conditionals. Arrow Out. Exercises.

3. And.

Symbolizing Conjunctions. Ampersand In. Ampersand Out. Exercises.

4. If (Again).

Symbolizing Puzzling Conditionals. Arrow In. Exercises.

5. Not.

Symbolizing Negations. Dash In. Dash Out. Exercises.

6. Iff.

Symbolizing Biconditionals. Double Arrow In and Out. Exercises.

7. Or.

Symbolizing Disjunctions. Wedge In. Wedge Out. Exercises.

8. Résumé.

Summary. Proof Strategy. Definitions. Exercises.

9. Derived Rules.

Derived Rules 1. Exercises. Derived Rules 2. Exercises.

10. Truth Tables.

Full Truth Tables. Exercises. Brief Truth Tables. Exercises.

11. Truth Trees.

Constructing Trees. Testing Arguments. Exercises.

12. Statements.

Logical Truths. Contradictions. Contingent Statements. Exercises.

13. Logical Relations.

Entailment. Logical Equivalence. Exercises.

14. Natural Arguments.

Argument Identification. Formalization. Evaluation. Exercises.

Appendix 1. Metatheory: Soundness and Completeness of the System PL.

Appendix 2. Is Propositional Logic Reliable?

Appendix 3. Alternative Symbols.

Appendix 4. One-Sided Truth Trees.

Appendix 5. Using Proplogic.

Appendix 6. Solutions to Starred Exercises.


Proof Rules.

Truth-Tree Rules.

License Agreement.


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