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Introduction to Programming Using Visual Basic 2010, CourseSmart eTextbook, 8th Edition

By David I. Schneider

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Sep 29, 2010

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Now in its Eighth Edition, Schneider’s “tried and true” text — consistently praised by both students and instructors — is designed for students with no prior computer programming experience. Now updated for Visual Basic 2010, Schneider focuses on teaching problem-solving skills and sustainable programming skills. A broad range of real-world examples, section-ending exercises, case studies, and programming projects gives students significant hands-on experience.

Table of Contents

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Using this Book for a Short or Condensed Course

Chapter 1 An Introduction to Computers and Problem Solving
1.1 An Introduction to Computers
1.2 Windows, Folders, and Files
1.3 Program Development Cycle
1.4 Programming Tools

Chapter 2 Visual Basic Controls, and Events
2.1 An Introduction to Visual Basic 2010
2.2 VB 2010 Controls
2.3 VB 2010 Events

Chapter 3 Variables, Input, and Output
3.1 Numbers
3.2 Strings
3.3 Input and Output
Programming Projects
b Chapter 4 Decisions
4.1 Relational and Logical Operators
4.2 If Blocks
4.3 Select Case Blocks
4.4 Input via User Selection

Programming Projects
Chapter 5 General Procedures
5.1 Function Procedures
5.2 Sub Procedures, Part I
5.3 Sub Procedures, Part II
5.4 Modular Design
5.5 A Case Study: Weekly Payroll
Programming Projects

Chapter 6 Repetition
6.1 Do Loops
6.2 For…Next Loops
6.3 List Boxes and Loops
Programming Projects

Chapter 7 Arrays
7.1 Creating And Accessing Arrays
7.2 Using LINQ with Arrays
7.3 Arrays of Structures
7.4 Two-Dimensional Arrays
7.5 A Case Study: Analyze A Loan
Programming Projects

Chapter 8 Text Files
8.1 Managing Text Files
8.2 StreamReaders, StreamWriters, Structured Exception Handling
8.3 XML Files
8.4 A Case Study: Recording Checks and Deposits
Programming Projects

Chapter 9 Additional Controls and Objects
9.1 List Boxes and Combo Boxes
9.2 Eight Elementary Controls and Objects
9.3 Multiple-Form Programs
9.4 Graphics
Programming Projects

Chapter 10 Databases
10.1 An Introduction to Databases
10.2 Modifying and Designing Databases
Programming Projects

Chapter 11 Object-Oriented Programming
11.1 Classes and Objects
11.2 Arrays of Objects; Events; Containment
11.3 Inheritance
Programming Projects

Chapter 12 Web Applications
12.1 Programming for the Web, Part 1
12.2 Programming for the Web, Part 2
12.3 Using Databases in Web Programs
Programming Projects

Appendix A ANSI Values
Appendix B How To
Appendix C Folders and Files
Appendix D Debugging Tools
Answers to Selected Odd-Numbered Exercises
Index of Applications

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