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Introduction to Public Administration: A Book of Readings

By J. Steven Ott, E. W. Russell

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Nov 28, 2000

Table of Contents

1. Defining Public Administration.

Public Administration, Frank Marini (1998).

The Study of Administration, Woodrow Wilson (1887).

Feminist Theory of Public Administration, Camilla Stivers (1998).

2. The Practice of Public Administration.

The Rise of the American Administrative State, David H. Rosenbloom (1986).

From Public Administration to Public Management: Reassessing a Revolution, Andrew Gray and Bill Jenkins (1995).

Public Administration in America: Why our Uniqueness is Exceptional and Important, Fred W. Riggs (1998).

3. Decision-Making in Public Administration.

The Science of Muddling Through, Charles E. Lindblom (1959).

Public Choice and Public Sector Management, P. M. Jackson (1990).

Bureaucracy and Democracy: The Case for More Bureaucracy and Less Democracy, Kenneth J. Meier (1997).

4. Reinventing the Machinery of Government.

Changing States, Governance, and the Public Service, B. Guy Peters (1996).

Learning to get the Balance in Privatization, Graeme A. Hodge (2000).

Works Better and Costs Less? Sweet and Sour Perspectives on the NPR, John J. DiIulio, Jr. (1995).

5. Intergovernmental Relations.

American Federalism, State Governments and Public Policy: Weaving Together Loose Theoretical Threads, Dale Krane (1993).

The Rebirth of Federalism: Slouching toward Washington,David B. Walker (1995).

Restructuring the State: Devolution, Privatization, and the Geographic Redistribution of Power and Capacity in Governance, Janet E. Kodras (1997).

6. Management and Organization Theory.

Beyond the Bureaucratic Paradigm, Michael Barzelay (1992).

The Pivotal Controversies, Harold F. Gortner, Julianne Mahler, and Jeanne Bell Nicholson (1997).

Managing Government—Governing Management, Henry Mintzberg (1996).

7. Organizational Behavior.

Bureaucratic Reform by Cultural Revolution, John Paterson (1983).

Transforming Teamwork: Work Relationships in a Fast-Changing World, Marvin R. Weisbord (1987).

8. Managerialism and Performance Management.

Government at Work: Best Practices and Model Programs,Marc Holzer and Kathe Callahan (1998).

Understanding and Applying Innovation Strategies in the Public Sector, Steven Cohen and William Eimicke (1998).

Towards a Competitive Public Administration, Arie Halachmi and Marc Holzer (1993).

9. Strategic Planning and Management in Public Adminstration.

Why Strategic Planning in Public and Nonprofit Organizations is More Important Than Ever, John M. Bryson (1995).

The Fall and Rise of Strategic Planning, Henry Mintzberg (1994).

Defining Public Value, Mark H. Moore (1995).

10. Leadership and Accountability.

Leadership of Public Bureaucracies: The Administrator as Conservator, Larry D. Terry (1995).

Unsung Heroes: Federal Execucrats Making a Difference,Norma M. Riccucci (1995).

Accountability in the Public Sector: Lessons from the Challenger Tragedy, Barbara S. Romzek and Melvin J. Dubnick (1987).

11. Personnel Management and Labor Relations.

Whither the Senior Executive Service? Mark W. Huddleston and William W. Boyer (1996).

Reinventing Government, The New Public Management and Civil Service Systems in International Perspecitve, Richard C. Kearney and Steven W. Hays (1998).

Reinventing Public Administration: Reform in the Georgia Civil Service, Rex L. Facer II (1998).

12. Social Equity.

Public Administration and Social Equity, H. George Frederickson (1990).

Lifting the Ban on Gays in the Civil Service: Federal Policy Toward Gay and Lesbian Employees since the Cold War, Gregory B. Lewis (1997).

From Affirmative Action to Full Spectrum Diversity in the American Workplace, James D. Slack (1997).

13. Public Budgeting.

A Budget for All Seasons? Why the Traditional Budget Lasts, Aaron Wildavsky (1978).

Congressional Budget Reform: The Unanticipated Implications for Federal Policy making, Philip G. Joyce (1996).

Budgetary Decision Making, James J. Gosling (1997).

14. Evaluation and Measuring Productivity.

Evaluation, Susan C. Paddock (1998).

Measuring Productivity, Evan M. Berman (1998).

Balanced Scorecard, City of Charlotte, N.C. (1999).

15. Honor and Ethics.

Ethics in Government: From a Winter of Despair to a Spring of Hope, James B. Bowman and Russell L. Williams (1997).

The Dynamics of Evil and Administrative Evil, Guy B. Adams and Danny L. Balfour (1998).



Introduction to Public Administration: A Book of Readings

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