Introduction to Supply Chain Management

By Robert B. Handfield, Ernest L. Nichols

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jun 12, 1998

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Supply Chain Management.

Information Systems and Supply Chain Management. Inventory Management across the Supply Chain. Supply Chain Relationships. Challenges Facing Supply Chain Managers. Purpose of the Book.

2. The Role of Information Systems and Technology in Supply Chain Management.

Introduction. The Importance of Information in an Integrated Supply Chain Management Environment. Interorganizational Information Systems. Information Requirements Determination for a Supply Chain IOIS. Information and Technology Applications for Supply Chain Management. Summary.

3. Managing the Flow of Materials across the Supply Chain.

Introduction. Understanding Supply Chains. Reengineering Supply Chain Logistics. The Importance of Time. Performance Measurement. Summary.

4. Developing and Maintaining Supply Chain Relationships.

A Conceptual Model of Alliance Development. Developing a Trusting Relationship With Partners in the Supply Chain. Resolving Conflicts in a Supply Chain Relationship. Summary.

5. Cases in Supply Chain Management.

Case One Consumable Computer Supplies. Case Two Computer Hardware and Software. Case Three Upscale Men's Shoes. Case Four Biochemicals. Case Five Solectron.

6. Future Challenges in Supply Chain Management.

Sharing Risks in Interorganizational Relationships. Managing the Global Supply Chain. The “Greening” of the Supply Chain. Design for Supply Chain Management. Intelligent Information Systems. When Things Go Wrong.


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