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Introduction to Technical Mathematics, 5th Edition

By Allyn J. Washington, Mario F. Triola, Ellena E. Reda

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 5, 2007

Table of Contents

1. Signed Numbers

1.1 Signed Numbers

1.2 Addition and Subtraction of Signed Numbers

1.3 Multiplication and Division of Signed Numbers

1.4 Powers and Roots

1.5 Order of Operation

1.6 Scientific Notation

1.7 Problem-Solving Strategies


Review Exercises



2. Units of Measurement and Approximate Numbers

2.1 Working with Units of Measure

2.2 Units of Measurement: The Metric System

2.3 Reduction and Conversion of Units

2.4 Approximate Numbers and Significant Digits


Review Exercises



3. Introduction to Algebra

3.1 Working with Formulas

3.2 Basic Algebraic Expressions

3.3 Addition and Subtraction of Algebraic Expressions

3.4 Multiplication of Algebraic Expressions

3.5 Division of Algebraic Expressions


Review Exercises



4. Simple Equations and Inequalities

4.1 Solving a Simple Equation

4.2 Simple Formulas and Literal Equations

4.3 Simple Inequalities

4.4 Problem-Solving Strategies and Word Problems

4.5 Ratio, Proportion, and Variation


Review Exercises



5. Graphs

5.1 Functions and Function Notation

5.2 The Rectangular Coordinate System

5.3 The Graph of a Function

5.4 Graphs of a Linear Function

5.5 Graphs of Other Functions

5.6 Graphical Solutions

5.7 Graphing Inequalities


Review Exercises



6. Introduction to Geometry

6.1 Basic Geometric Figures

6.2 Perimeter

6.3 Area

6.4 Volume


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7. Simultaneous Linear Equations

7.1 Graphical Solution of Two Simultaneous Equations

7.2 Substitution Method

7.3 Addition-Subtraction Method for Solving Simultaneous Equations

7.4 Determinants in Two Equations

7.5 Problem Solving Using Systems of Linear Equations


Review Exercises



8. Factoring

8.1 The Distributive Property and Common Factors

8.2 Factoring Trinomials

8.3 Factoring General Trinomials

8.4 The Difference Between Two Squares

8.5 The Sum and Difference of Cubes


Review Exercises



9. Algebraic Fractions

9.1 Equivalent Algebraic Fractions

9.2 Multiplication and Division of Algebraic Fractions

9.3 The Lowest Common Denominator

9.4 Addition and Subtraction of Algebraic Fractions

9.5 Solving Fractional Equations


Review Exercises



10. Exponents, Roots, and Radicals

10.1 Integral Exponents

10.2 Fractional Exponents

10.3 Imaginary Roots

10.4 Simplifying Radicals

10.5 Operations with Radicals

10.6 Working with Radical Equations


Review Exercises



11. Quadratic Equations

11.1 The Quadratic Equation

11.2 Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring

11.3 Completing the Square

11.4 Solving Quadratic Equations Using the Quadratic Formula

11.5 Graphing the Quadratic Function


Review Exercises



12. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

12.1 Exponential Functions

12.2 Logarithms

12.3 Properties of Logarithms

12.4 Natural Logarithms

12.5 Exponential and Logarithm Equations

12.6 Log-log and Semi-log Graphs


Review Exercises



13. Geometry and Right Triangle Trigonometry

13.1 Angles and Their Measure

13.2 Other Geometric Figures

13.3 Right Triangles and the Pythagorean Theorem

13.4 Similar Triangles

13.5 The Trigonometric Ratios

13.6 Values of the Trigonometric Ratios

13.7 Right Triangle Applications


Review Exercises



14. Oblique Triangles and Vectors

14.1 Trigonometric Functions of Any Angle

14.2 The Law of Sines

14.3 The Law of Cosines

14.4 Introduction to Vectors

14.5 Vector Components

14.6 Vector Addition


Review Exercises



15. Graphs of Trigonometric Functions

15.1 Radian Measure

15.2 Applications of Radian Measure

15.3 Graphs of y = a sin x and y = a cos x

15.4 Graphs of y = a sin bx and y = a cos bx

15.5 Graphs of y = a sin (bx + c) and y = a cos (bx + c)

15.6 The Sine Function as a Function of Time


Review Exercises



16. Complex Numbers

16.1 Introduction to Complex Numbers

16.2 Basic Operations with Complex Numbers

16.3 Graphical Representation of Complex Numbers

16.4 Polar Form of Complex Numbers


Review Exercises



17. Introduction to Data Analysis

17.1 Creating Pie Charts and Bar Graphs

17.2 Frequency Tables and Histograms

17.3 Measures of Central Tendency

17.4 Measures of Spread and Variation

17.5 Probability


Review Exercises



Appendix Review of Arithmetic

A.1 Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers

A.2 Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers

A.3 Fractions

A.4 Equivalent Fractions

A.5 Addition and Subtraction of Fractions

A.6 Multiplication and Division of Fractions

A.7 Decimals

A.8 Percent


Answers to Selected Exercises


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