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Introduction to Telecommunications, 2nd Edition

By Martha Rosengrant

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Sep 11, 2006

Table of Contents

Table Of Contents



Part I    High-Level Overview

    1. The basics — Sound, Electrical Signal, Electromagnetic Spectrum

    2. The Telephone and the Telephone Line

    3. Connecting the Dots — Transporting Information across the Superhighway


Part II   Networking Fundamentals

    4. Manipulating Information for Transmission

    5. OSI Model — Relationship to Networking

    6. Layer 3/4 Networking/Transport Protocols

    7. Layer 2 Networking Protocols

    8. Layer 1 Networking Protocols


Part III   Digital Switching and Routing

    9. Digital Circuit Switch

    10. Signaling

    11. Distributed Switching Architecture — Voice Over IP

    12. IP Routing Fundamentals


Part IV Telecommunications Networks

    13. Transmission Medium

    14. OSP — Outside Plant Infrastructure

    15. Core Network

    16. Metropolitan Network

    17. Access Network & LAN


Part V   Communication Service Providers — PSTN, CATV, Cellular

    18. PSTN Central Office

    19. PSTN Network Topology

    20. Customer Premises

    21. CATV  Cable Television as a Telecommunications Service Provider

    22.  CATV Network Topology    

    23. The Cellular/PCS Telephone Network

    24. Wireless Broadband Providers


Part VI  Telecommunications Applications

    25. Residential Services

    26. Business Services

    27. The Internet


Part VII Emerging Technologies

    28. Emerging Technologies

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