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Introductory Foods, 13th Edition

By Marion Bennion, Barbara Scheule

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Mar 9, 2009


A leading seller for many years, this book has helped prepare thousands of readers for careers as food scientists, foodservice managers, dieticians, and extension agents. Written for the beginner, it provides clear, straightforward explanations of all of the basic principles of food preparation. It treats the chemistry involved in a way that is non-threatening and does not interfere with the flow of the book. The first part covers basic principles, preparing the way for discussions in subsequent chapters. The new edition encompasses the latest information on technological advances in food preparation and processing. It also deals with the effect of shifting demographics on food trends, and the increasing body of knowledge available to the general populace about nutrition.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Feature Boxes




Chapter 1 Food Choices and Sensory Characteristics

Chapter 2 Food Economics and Convenience

Chapter 3 Food Safety

Chapter 4 Food Regulations and Standards



Chapter 5 Back to Basics

Chapter 6 Heat Transfer in Cooking

Chapter 7 Microwave Cooking

Chapter 8 Seasonings, Flavorings, and Food Additives

Chapter 9 Food Composition  

Chapter 10 Fats, frying, and Emulsions



Chapter 11 Sweeteners and Sugar Cookery

Chapter 12 Frozen Desserts

Chapter 13 Starch

Chapter 14 Pasta and Cereal Grains



Chapter 15 Batters and Doughs

Chapter 16 Quick Breads

Chapter 17 Yeast Breads

Chapter 18 Cakes and Cookies


Chapter 20 Vegetables and Vegetable Preparaton

Chapter 21 Fruits and Fruit Preparation

Chapter 22 Salads and Gelatin Salads   DAIRY PRODUCTS AND EGGS

Chapter 23 Milk and Milk Products

Chapter 24 Eggs and Egg Cookery   MEAT, POULTRY, AND SEAFOOD

Chapter 25 Meat and Meat Cookery

Chapter 26 Poultry Chapter 27 Seafood   BEVERAGES

Chapter 28 Beverages



Chapter 29 Food Preservation and Packaging

Chapter 30 Food Preservation by Freezing and Canning  


Appendix A Weights and Measures

Symbols for Measurements


Some Ingredient Substitutions

Standard Can Sizes

Metric Conversions

Common Measurements Used in Food Preparation

Approximate Number of Cups in a Pound of Some Common Foods

Weights and Measures for Some Food Ingredients


Appendix B Temperature Control

Oven Temperatures

Thermometers for Other Uses

Converting Fahrenheit and Celsius Temperatures


Appendix C Nutritive Value of Selected Foods


Appendix D Glossary



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