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Investigating Difference: Human and Cultural Relations in Criminal Justice, CourseSmart eTextbook, 2nd Edition

By CJ CJ Collective, Lynn C. Jones

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Jul 29, 2008

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For courses that investigate race, class, and gender issues in Criminal Justice.


Investigating Difference examines the full range of individual differences across the entire criminal justice system. Moving beyond just race and gender, it tackles differences based on experience, age, socio-economic class, disabilities and more. Written by a variety of leaders in the field, it looks at how these variances impact all people within the system, including victims, offenders, and service providers. This edition continues to emphasize positive solutions and includes new “case-in-point” illustrations that discuss how difference matters.

Table of Contents

Part One: Conceptualizing Difference


1. Introduction: Investigating Difference--Lynn Jones, Marianne O. Nielsen, and Barbara Perry

2. Conceptualizing Difference–Nancy Wonders

3. Privilege and the Construction of Crime–Larry Gould

4. Talking Through Our Differences: Investigating Difference: Human and Cultural Relations in Criminal Justice--Marianne O. Nielsen and Rebecca Maniglia


Part Two: Categories of Difference


5. Class Difference and the Social Construction of Crime and Criminality–Raymond Michalowski

6. Stolen lands, Stolen Lives: Native Americans and Criminal Justice–Marianne O. Nielsen and Linda Robyn

7. Exclusion, Inclusion and Violence: Immigrants and Criminal Justice--Barbara Perry, Mike Costelloe, and  Luis Fernandez

8. The Significance of Race: African Americans and Criminal Justice--Brian J. Smith

9. Unwelcome Citizens: Latinos and the Criminal Justice System–Luis Fernandez and Alexander Alvarez

10. Perpetual Outsiders: Criminal Justice and the Asian American Experience--Barbara Perry

11:  Women’s difference in the Criminal Justice System: Constructions of Victims, Offenders and Workers--Karla B. Hackstaff and Paula Rector

12. Gay Men, Lesbians and Criminal Justice--Barbara Perry  

13. Old Enough and Knowing Better: Aging and Criminal Justice —Carole Mandino

14. Youth Crime and Justice in a Changing Society–Rebecca Maniglia

15. The Invisible Minority: Individuals with Disability–Cynthia Baroody-Hart and Meghan McDowell

16. In Whose God We Trust? Religious Differences, Persecution, and Criminal Justice–Barbara Perry and Phoebe Morgan


Part Three: How Does Difference Matter?


17. Moral Panics and Immigration–Michael Costelloe

18. Fairness in the Courts: Investigating and Addressing Race, Ethic and Gender Bias —Dennis Catlin

19. Wrongful Conviction-Robert Schehr


Part Four: Reframing Difference


20. Educating for Change: Cultural Awareness Training for Criminal Justice--Larry Gould

21. Irreconcilable Differences? Understanding the Crime Victim/Criminal Justice Worker Relationship–Lynn Jones, Phoebe Morgan, and Barbara Perry


Part Five: Conclusion


22. Reinvestigating Difference–Lynn Jones, Barbara Perry, and Marianne O. Nielsen

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