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Investing Demystified: How to Invest Without Speculation and Sleepless Nights

By Lars Kroijer

Published by FT Press

Published Date: Mar 19, 2014


Don’t spend your time worrying whether you can beat the markets: you don’t need to beat them to be a successful investor. By showing you how to build a simple and rational portfolio and tailor it to your specific needs, Investing Demystified will help you generate superior returns.


With his straightforward and jargon-free advice, Lars Kroijer simplies the often complex world of finance and tells you everything you need to know – and everything that you don’t need to worry about – in order to make the most from your investments.


In Investing Demystified you will:


• Discover the mix of stocks, bonds and cash needed for a top performing portfolio

• Learn why the most broadly diversi_ ed and simplest portfolio makes the most sense

• Understand the right level of risk for you and how this affects your investments

• Find out why a low cost approach will yield bene_ ts whilst leaving you with a higher quality portfolio

• Understand the implications of tax and liquidity

Table of Contents




1. Introduction

2. What is edge over the markets and do you have it?

3. What are the key components of the Rational Portfolio



Part II: Rational Portfolio

4. The Minimal Risk Asset – safe low risk returns

5. World equities – increased risk and return

6. The risk of equity markets

7. Adding other government and corporate bonds

8. Incorporating other assets

9. What you have left out of the portfolio and why



Part III: Tailoring and Implementing the Rational Portfolio

10. Financial plans and the risks we take

11. Tax

12. Liquidity

13. Expenses

14. Products and implementation



Part IV: Other Things to Think About

15. Pensions& Insurance

16. Apocalypse Investing

17. A wishlist to the financial sector

18. Conclusion




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