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iOS for the Impatient

By Erica Sadun

Published by Addison-Wesley Professional

Published Date: Nov 14, 2014


As iOS grows and changes, apps must evolve with it. Modern software shouldn't be tied to specific devices or coordinate systems. With re-usable, device- and orientation-agnostic code, your apps can adapt to whatever environment and geometry they face. Existing tools like Auto Layout and Dynamic Type as well as new APIs enable you to create a new generation of apps that coordinate with their device, with each other, with the desktop, and the cloud.

iOS for the Impatient introduces you to the essential features you'll need to take part in this new development paradigm.

  • Building the adaptive app: what adaptive means and the paradigm shift you need to work with
  • Implementing dynamic view layout and adaptive view sizing
  • Taking advantage of re-usable device-agnostic coding
  • Designing for resizing instead of rotation
  • Coordinating transitions
  • Establishing adaptive assets
  • Creating declarative, flexible interfaces with Auto Layout
  • Leveraging Dynamic Type and user-controlled typography
  • Working with document containers and platform-agnostic file types
  • Adapting your data to the cloud
  • Providing App-to-App services
  • Preparing iOS Apps for OS X coordination

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: New and Notable in iOS

Chapter 2: Dynamic Typography

Chapter 3: Page Setting with TextKit

Chapter 4: Document Containers and Modern Attributed Strings

Chapter 5: Dynamic Interfaces and Animators

Chapter 6: UIKit Animation: Keyframes and Beyond

Chapter 7: AVFoundation: Barcode Scanning, Speech Synthesis, and Feature Detection

Chapter 8: Advanced Topics


iOS for the Impatient

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