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iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide, 2nd Edition

By Joe Conway, Aaron Hillegass

Published by Big Nerd Ranch Guides

Published Date: Jun 22, 2011

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This is the Safari online edition of the printed book.

In this book, the world's leading Apple platform development trainers offer a complete, practical, hands-on introduction to iPhone and iPad programming. The authors walk through all the Apple tools and technologies needed to build successful iPhone/iPad/iPod touch Apps, including the iOS 4.3 SDK, the Objective-C language, Xcode 4 tools, Foundation framework, and the classes that make up the iPhone UI framework. The many topics covered in this book include:

  • Easily setting up elegant, efficient user interfaces with UIKit
  • Creating effective visuals, animation, and effects with Core Graphics, Core Animation, and OpenGL
  • Making the most of the iPhone's powerful multi-touch event handling
  • Building location-aware iPhone applications utilizing Core Location, MapKit, and the magnetometer
  • Localizing applications for international use
  • Creating applications that capture audio and play media
  • Storing data in files or SQLite databases

This edition has been updated to cover the iPad. New chapters added to this edition include:

  • UIPopoverController and UISplitViewController
  • Blocks and Categories
  • UIGestureRecognizers and Advanced UIScrollView, CATiledLayer
  • Key-Value Coding and Key-Value Observing
  • Push Notifications
  • Unit Testing

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Simple iOS Application
Chapter 2: Objective-C
Chapter 3: Memory Management
Chapter 4: Delegation and Core Location
Chapter 5: Map Kit and Text input
Chapter 6: Subclassing UIView
Chapter 7: View Controllers (Low Memory Warnings)
Chapter 8: The Accelerometer
Chapter 9: Notification and Rotation
Chapter 10: UITableView and UITableViewController
Chapter 11: Editing UITableView
Chapter 12: UINavigationController
Chapter 13: Camera
Chapter 14: UIPopoverController and UISplitViewController (New)
Chapter 15: Saving, Loading and Multitasking
Chapter 16: Subclassing UITableViewCell
Chapter 17: Core Data (New)
Chapter 18: Localization
Chapter 19: Settings
Chapter 20: Touch Events and UIResponder
Chapter 21: Instruments
Chapter 22: Core Animation Layers
Chapter 23: Controlling Animation with CAAnimation
Chapter 24: Blocks and Categories (New)
Chapter 25: Web Services and UIWebView (New)
Chapter 26: UISplitViewController (New)
Chapter 27: Media Playback and Background Execution
Chapter 28: Bonjour and Web Servers (New)
Chapter 29: Push Notifications and Networking (New)
Chapter 30: Afterword


iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide, 2nd Edition

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