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IP Telephony: The Integration of Robust VolP Services

By Bill Douskalis

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Dec 14, 1999

Table of Contents

1. Protocols for Voice Over IP and Interactive Applications.

IP Telephony fundamentals. SGCP, MGCP and NCS—Overviews. H.323. An Overview of the ITU-T Approach for VoIP Telephony. SIP—Summary of Features of the Session Initiation Protocol.

2. Media Transport in Packet Networks.

RTP and RTCP—Definitions for Media Transport in IP Networks. RSVP The Resource Reservation Protocol. A Quick Look at AAL2 for Voice Transport. Edge Bandwidth Management—A Look at AAL2.

3. Basic Call Control for Voice Telephony.

An Overview of SS7. The Services of SSCP and TCAP. Call Control in Packet Networks. Heterogeneous Call Setup—Mapping SS7 to IP-Based Call Control. Closing Thoughts on Mixed Network Voice Telephony.

4. Metrics for Voice Quality.

Voice Quality in Converging TDM and IP Networks. Auditory Perception and Testing Methodologies. Perceptual Speech Quality Measurement. Voice Quality Test Instrumentation. Echo Measurement and Control. Summary.

5. A Simple Case Study in Measurements.

Objectives. From the Big Picture to the Lab. Equipment Setup and Configuration. Baseline Measurements. Testing with Connected Gateways. Observations and Conclusions.

6. Voiceband Call Considerations— A Detailed Look at Fax.

A Look at a Real-Time Trace of the T.30 Protocol. Fax over Packet Networks. Real-Time Internet Fax—T.38. Basics of V.34 Fax. Group 3 Fax Error Correction Mode (ECM). Voiceband Data Transport Revisited—AAL2. Summary of the Fax Discussion and Possible Issues. References.



IP Telephony: The Integration of Robust VolP Services

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