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iPhone SDK 3: Visual QuickStart Guide, Safari

By Duncan Campbell

Published by Peachpit Press

Published Date: Sep 29, 2009

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With a rich set of over 1,000 new APIs, iPhone SDK for iPhone OS 3 provides an amazing range of technologies to enhance the functionality of iPhone and iPod touch applications. This book takes an introductory look at Objective-C and Cocoa before moving on to the tools you'll use to create iPhone applications. Starting with common and tasks and UI elements, the book covers using tabs and tables, files and networking, the multi-touch display, and the built-in GPS hardware.

This book will appeal to both current developers needing to understand and update their apps to the iPhone OS 3.0 and for those developers just starting out who need a complete tutorial and reference to the iPhone SDK 3.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Objective-C and Cocoa
Chapter 2: The iPhone Developers’ Toolbox
Chapter 3: Common Tasks
Chapter 4: iPhone User Interface Elements
Chapter 5: Tabs and Tables
Chapter 6: Files and Networking
Chapter 7: Touches, Shakes, and Orientation
Chapter 8: Location and Mapping


iPhone SDK 3: Visual QuickStart Guide, Safari

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