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Java: An Eventful Approach

By Kim Bruce, Andrea Danyluk, Thomas Murtagh

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 29, 2005

Table of Contents

(NOTE: Most chapters conclude with Summary, Chapter Review Problems, and Programming Problems.)


  1. What is Programming Anyway? 


  2. What’s in a name? 


  3. Working with Numbers. 


  4. Making Choices.

  5. Primitive Types, Operators, and Strings.

  6. Classes.


  7. Control Structures.


  8. Declarations and Scope.


  9. Active Objects.


10. Interfaces.


11. Graphical User Interfaces in Java.

12. Recursion.

13. General loops in Java.

14. Arrays.


15. Multidimensional Arrays.


16. Strings and Characters.


17. Inheritance.


18. Exceptions.


19. Streams 481.


20. Searching and Sorting.


21. Introduction to Object-Oriented Design.


Appendix A. Objectdraw API Summary.


Appendix B. Programming without objectdraw.


Appendix C. Creating runnable applets and applications.



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Java: An Eventful Approach

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