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Java: An Eventful Approach, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Kim Bruce, Andrea Danyluk, Thomas Murtagh

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Oct 21, 2005

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For courses in computer science and programming in Java.


Teaching a truly object-oriented language like Java is far different than teaching a language like C or C++. As a result, this text demonstrates a major rethinking in pedagogy that has been tested thoroughly at a number of major universities and other four-year and two-year institutions. Good examples of objects and a comprehensive library that supports object-oriented graphics foster student understanding and instructor effectiveness. The library provides “training wheels” to help students get started with using these features, but they are taught the standard Java features as they are ready.

Table of Contents

(NOTE: Most chapters conclude with Summary, Chapter Review Problems, and Programming Problems.)


  1. What is Programming Anyway? 


  2. What’s in a name? 


  3. Working with Numbers. 


  4. Making Choices.

  5. Primitive Types, Operators, and Strings.

  6. Classes.


  7. Control Structures.


  8. Declarations and Scope.


  9. Active Objects.


10. Interfaces.


11. Graphical User Interfaces in Java.

12. Recursion.

13. General loops in Java.

14. Arrays.


15. Multidimensional Arrays.


16. Strings and Characters.


17. Inheritance.


18. Exceptions.


19. Streams 481.


20. Searching and Sorting.


21. Introduction to Object-Oriented Design.


Appendix A. Objectdraw API Summary.


Appendix B. Programming without objectdraw.


Appendix C. Creating runnable applets and applications.



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